Use surplus to reduce Pennsylvania petrol tax


“Wolves, Congress begins discussions with different views” (Reading EagleFebruary 27), in Pennsylvania, with a budget surplus of $ 6 to $ 7 million expected by the end of the current fiscal year to the $ 2.2 billion Federal Pandemic Fund allocated as part of the U.S. Federal Relief Program. I found that I could access it.

He also learned how the governor spends this money on various programs. One of them is property tax refund. I would like to reduce or refund property tax, but for some reason this proposal does not come true. The Republican-controlled state legislature has various plans for this funding, saving it on rainy days, especially for the $ 13 billion deficit by fiscal year 2026-2027. Can we all hide this kind of money?

So my question for these Harrisburg propaganda is, why not use this current surplus to reduce or eliminate Pennsylvania’s petrol tax? The last time we checked, our state’s petrol tax was about 59 cents per gallon, one of the highest in the country.

What is easier or more appreciated than the reduction or elimination of the gas tax in this state? Who is the legislator who prevents him / her from providing this significant daily savings to his / her members during the worst inflation of over 40 years?

At least can this be included as one of the considerations about what to do with this money / our money?

Barry Ruerin
Thinking spring

Use surplus to reduce Pennsylvania petrol tax

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