Use common sense when it comes to COVID vaccines


Common sense is the ability to make decisions through experience and study the potential consequences of behavior. Here are some examples: Turn around when a car is stuck on a washed-out road. If you anticipate an 80% chance of rain, hold an umbrella.

Most people use common sense to eliminate the possibility of problems. But we know that some people don’t, and it may be the person in the mirror.

Examples of inability to use common sense include the actions and remarks of the former president. Remember his claim that the pandemic doesn’t last long and that injecting a disinfectant kills the virus and the procession to the Bible-bearing Washington Church. A US representative said January 6th was a normal day in Washington.

It is a lack of common sense for me not to be vaccinated. The reason why people refuse to follow the medical advice proven by the study is puzzling. The main excuse seems to be “it’s my personal freedom”. That’s a very selfish reason not to get vaccinated, wear a mask, or close social distance. These practices provide safety from hospitalization and death.

The excuses for personal freedom have had a great impact on everyone we come into contact with. This selfish attitude has become mainstream in our society and has a negative impact on our daily lives.
Today, it is almost impossible to discuss, compromise and collaborate on solutions. So wear a common-sense hat before taking any action, physical or verbal.

Clyde Myers
Upper Bern Township

Use common sense when it comes to COVID vaccines

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