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US Reaffirms Support for Relaxation of WTO Regulations on COVID Vaccines | Work

Geneva (AP) —US chief trade official said Thursday that the Biden administration is continuing to relax the rules that protect the technology behind the coronavirus vaccine and allow it to be produced more widely.

However, Katherine Tai argued in negotiations on this issue with the World Trade Organization that “something cannot be achieved.” This is because all member states need to participate in such a move.

Mr. Thailand, the US trade representative, acknowledged that some non-negotiated people may recognize that the United States has remained “silent” on the matter in recent months. It was after Washington took a position in May in support of the WTO’s waiver of intellectual property rules regarding the COVID-19 vaccine to boost production worldwide.

But she claimed that the work continued behind the scenes.

“This may be the case for a duck in a pond. From the outside, I think the duck is just sitting there and hanging, but under the surface the duck’s legs are moving very fast.” Thailand He spoke in a lecture at the Graduate Institute of Geneva.

She said the United States and many other countries would like to see increased vaccine production and fairer access to them. He pointed out that the COVID-19 vaccine exemption is “what we continue to focus on” and that the WTO is operated by consensus. That is, all 164 member states must agree.

“We are making collective progress, but there is still a lot of progress we need to make,” she said.

Geneva-based trade officials said Wednesday’s private meeting of the WTO’s TRIPS Council created a “convergence point” on possible responses to pandemics through intellectual property tools.

Norwegian Ambassador Dougfin Sulli said he would take this opportunity to move towards consensus at the meeting of trade ministers of WTO member states from November 30th to December 3rd. ..

According to the World Health Organization, the majority of COVID-19 vaccines (mainly produced in the United States, Europe and Asia) infect the wealthiest countries in the world, but are relatively inaccessible in developing countries. … apparently …

Mr. Thailand promoted a US “leadership” show last spring to support the exemption of intellectual property rights, but all countries will take leadership on this issue before the exemption is granted. He said it was necessary.

“Some of the privileges of being considered a leader are that people are always asking,’Where is your leadership?’ —So we took leadership in May, ”she told reporters in Geneva before giving a lecture at the Graduate Institute. “But remember-yes?-The WTO is a consensus-based organization, so nothing can be achieved.”

“You have to work with others, you have to talk to them and listen to them, and that’s what we do,” she adds. I did. “Believe me, none of this is easy … everyone has to take leadership.”

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US Reaffirms Support for Relaxation of WTO Regulations on COVID Vaccines | Work

Source link US Reaffirms Support for Relaxation of WTO Regulations on COVID Vaccines | Work

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