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We have entered a new world of campaigns.

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer Force procedural voting Domestic Terrorism Prevention LawCreate a federal office focused on domestic terrorism.

Schumer said he plans to force a procedural vote on domestic terrorism prevention legislation next week. It will pass the House of Representatives today.A bill to create a federal government focused on domestic terrorism is opposed by House Rs, who claim to give the Justice Ministry excessive power.

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) May 18, 2022

The White House When asked about this law Biden administration Taken to fight domestic terrorism, but does not fully promise to say whether they support the actual law.

“This is a growing and evolving threat, The Biden administration has been very serious since its inauguration, “said the White House spokesman. Carine Jean Pierre Said. “We say we are studying the details of different proposals, and different ideas are being proposed. meeting This may improve your ability to respond to these threats. “

Joe Biden Do not visit the DMZ on this trip to Asia, White House Press Secretary Carine Jean Pierre Said.

At today’s White House press conference Jake SullivanNational Security Adviser, Preview Joe BidenFirst trip to Asia as president.

Biden first heads to South Korea, where he meets the president Yoon tin cassotte Not only can you “interact with technology and manufacturing leaders”, but you can also meet with the US military stationed there.

After South Korea, Biden travels to Japan and meets the Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.. “At this point, we believe that the Japan-US alliance under these two leaders is the best ever,” Sullivan said. “This visit can make us even higher.”

“On this trip, [Biden will] Reaffirming and strengthening two important security alliances, deepening two vibrant economic partnerships, working with two democracies to form the rules of roads in the 21st century, and allies of South Korea and Japan. You have the opportunity to thank for the remarkable things in. Unexpected contributions in several ways to support Ukraine and hold Russia accountable, “Sullivan said.

Jake SullivanThe National Security Adviser took the podium at today’s White House press conference and previewed tomorrow’s meeting. Joe Biden When Sauli NiinistöPresident of Finland, and Magdalena AndersonThe Prime Minister of Sweden, the day after their country applied for NATO membership.

“This is a historic event, a watershed moment in European security,” Sullivan said. “Two countries with a long tradition of neutrality join the world’s most powerful defense alliances, bringing strong capabilities and solid track record as security partners.”

Joe Biden At Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, a senior leadership team explains how to prepare for and respond to this season’s hurricane.

He said 2021 was “the third most active hurricane season ever recorded” and that they would only get worse during the climate crisis.

“Given the climate crisis, we anticipate another tough hurricane season,” Biden said. “The storm will be even more intense. Notifications will be shorter … That’s why the work of these women and men is so important.”

Biden continued. “This isn’t about the Red States and Blue States. It’s there to help prepare the community, turn their backs in the event of a hurricane, clear the roads, and rebuild the main street so that families can return to life. Is to be in. “

The House of Representatives is working on a nationwide shortage of infant formula, and two bills will be voted tonight.

The House of Representatives will vote on two bills tonight to address the shortage of infant formula.

— Rebecca Kaplan (@RebeccaRKaplan) May 18, 2022

… and use the federal logistics features to get the shelf formula faster.

The WIC bill appears ready to be passed with bipartisan support.

— Rebecca Kaplan (@RebeccaRKaplan) May 18, 2022

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of 20 house members is urging Joe Biden to enact the Defense Production Act to promote formula production.

The way the 1950 law works is to allow the federal government to instruct the private sector to increase production of certain commodities in response to national emergencies-Axios. Report Recently, Biden used this law to promote the production of important minerals.

Today, I lead a group of 20 people in the House of Representatives, urging the President to enforce the Defense Production Act to promote milk powder production and ensure that it reaches all parts of the country.

Your baby doesn’t have to be hungry or your mother or father has a hard time feeding your child.

— Rep. Josh Gottheimer (@RepJoshG) May 18, 2022

vice president Kamala Harris Was in United States Coast Guard Academy Today, graduation speeches deliver to graduates about the “important work” they do in a “stabilized” world where “long-standing principles are in a state of instability.”

“Around the world, there are additional attempts to undermine rule-based order. Countries that threaten the freedom of the sea. Criminal organizations and traffickers that avoid the rule of law and promote corruption and violence. International. It manipulates and undermines the foundations of commerce, “she said.

Harris talked about Russia invasion of UkraineAnd mass shootings Buffalo, New York..

“In addition to cadets, every American has a role to play in making our country better,” Harris said.

The eldest daughter Ashley Biden tested positive for Covid and never travels with the First Lady

Eldest daughter Ashley Biden Test positive COVID-19 Never travel with the first lady, Jill Biden, To Ecuador, Panama When Costa Rica..

For each pool, First Daughter Ashley Biden is positive for COVID and will not travel with you @FLOTUS To Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica.

Ashley carefully missed the First Lady’s trip to Europe earlier this month after working closely with COVID.

— Sally Bronston Katz (@sbronstonkatz) May 18, 2022

Interim overview

US political news is a vibrant morning and more will come in the coming hours.

Things are standing here now:

  • Race for Republican nomination For the US Senate Pencil bania teeth Neck and neck Between the celebrity doctors, Mehmet Oz, well known as Dr. OzWhen Dave McCormick, Former hedge fund boss.Oz is approved by Donald Trump.John Fetterman Won the Democratic primary.
  • New immigration member Madison Cawthorn Lost home last night after failing to defeat the challenge from state legislators Chuck Edwards In the Republican primary in North Carolina.Republican Adam Kinzinger Called Cawthorn’s loss is “good for the country.”
  • Sean Patrick Flaney, Democratic Party of New York Congressman I was angry By quickly jumping into a major race in the newly drawn district, his colleagues will threaten fellow democratic incumbents.
  • Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer Senate announced that it is likely to approve tomorrow $ 40 billion With funding for Ukraine.
  • Joe Biden welcome Sweden and FinlandThe NATO application form said that the leaders of these two Nordic countries will visit Washington tomorrow to meet him.

US Primary: Dr. Oz Connected with McCormick in Testing Trump’s Influence on Republicans – Live | US Politics

Source link US Primary: Dr. Oz Connected with McCormick in Testing Trump’s Influence on Republicans – Live | US Politics

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