US Olympic Skateboard Team Announces Rolling To Tokyo – NBC10 Philadelphia

Twelve members of the first US Olympic skateboarding team stepped into the board, skated in the tall American flag corridor with fun packs, headed to the outdoor stage, and met with the world.

This was a good introduction for many world-class skaters who represent the best aspects of this American-born sport in Tokyo. There are no leaders or followers. And there is a lot of love and support for the whole crew.

“No one imagined coming here to get ready to skate at the Olympics,” said five-time world champion Nyjah Huston from California, recognized as the best skater in sports history. Told. .. “But we’ve all been working on this from an early age, even before it became possible.

“I love skateboarding, not only if you are one of us preparing to skate at the Olympics, but also because you are a kid skating at a skatepark.” Huston added. “It’s the freedom, love, and non-stop challenges and progress that connect us. Skateboarding is great.”

Houston is the most famous face of the 12 US Olympic athletes, ranging from the smiles of teens to achieving the 30s of different races, sexual orientations, and gender identifications. They are all competing at the highest level of their sport and will all play enthusiastically when the competition begins at Ariake Urban Sports Park on July 25th.

Houston is a men’s street team with Jagger Eaton and Jake Iraldi, and Mariah Duran is teaming up with Alexis Sablone and Arana Smith in a women’s street competition. Bryce Wettstein, Brighton Zonner and Jordyn Barratt are the women’s park teams in the United States, while Zion Wright, Hymana Reynolds and Corey Juneau are the men’s park teams.

This group was properly announced in Southern California. The sport was invented about 70 years ago in 20th-century American sunny parks, streets, squares, and empty pools.

Decades after Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzales, Rodney Mullen and others brought this charismatic entertainment to global competition and capitalism, skateboarding reached the pinnacle of sport.

Lifelong skater Josh Friedberg, now CEO of USA Skateboarding, wept many times on Monday, both before and after introducing the team.

“I think the weight of what we have achieved will finally sink,” Friedberg said. “It was an overwhelming and exhilarating day when I came here and had the opportunity to work on something since I was 13 and finally shared it with the world.”

All the skaters seemed excited about the spotlight trained on skateboarding, but among the many lifelong skaters the American team is acclimatizing to welcoming the sport that the Olympics love. Reflected a slight ambiguity. The world — and many skaters are still not warm on the competitive side of what they consider to be a friendly and communal lifestyle pursuit, but not a strenuous athletic effort.

Some long-time skaters are still at odds with how the skateboarding welcoming spirit fits into the highly competitive Olympic framework. This includes a 34-year-old subloan who is also an architect and artist living in New York.

“I never expected this,” said Subloan. “Skateboarding is all about freedom, etc. In a sense, it’s not competition, but it’s here …. This isn’t what I’ve ever predicted, but doing this here is I am very honored. “

Sablone said the sporting tradition of freedom of expression and personality was shining even when American skaters chose a kit for presentation. Given the choice of several items in Team USA gear, all 12 skaters chose a unique look.

“Skateboarding has always been my home,” said 20-year-old Smith, who became the youngest medalist in X Games history in 2013. The skateboard was my rock. Every time I needed something, a skateboard was always for me. I started all this from the lowest point. This is one of my best and I can do it with really great people. “


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US Olympic Skateboard Team Announces Rolling To Tokyo – NBC10 Philadelphia

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