US donates relief dollars to build job med fit

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico, with the highest unemployment rate in the country, has raised federal relief funds through the American Rescue Plan to boost the job market in some of the state’s poverty-stricken corners and areas. Relying on small injections. The case provides a second chance for workers with criminal records and those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Senior federal officials announced jobs funding on Wednesday, saying a total of $500 million has been funded Programs in over 30 states and Puerto RicoThe US Economic Development Agency has received over 500 applications requesting more than $6.5 billion, about 13 times the available funding.

New Mexico will share a small portion of it to build partnerships between community colleges, hospitals, construction companies and unions with the goal of building a pipeline of jobs in the upstate.

headed by North Central New Mexico Economic Development Zonepart of the effort includes rolling out mobile classrooms to provide training and apprenticeships in the construction industry for those with limited access.

When it comes to healthcare, Santa Fe Community College works with hospitals and recovery centers in Santa Fe, Espanola and Taos to Programs similar to Arizona This has streamlined the path to clinical practice for students over the past decade.

The funding comes amid blistering inflation and rising interest rates in a state where unemployment continues to remain above the national average as employers struggle to find willing workers.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Wednesday also noted a shortage of medical professionals in the state. This is a long struggle exacerbated early in the coronavirus pandemic.

She suggested that funding employment would be “transformative.”

“This is a state that really suffers based on the rural nature of our population and the fact that we are a sparsely populated state,” she said. It’s been a challenge for decades to really grow and diversify to meet the needs where families and workers are.”

Whole country, Employers cut job openings in June And companies are complaining about the difficulty of filling vacancies.

In New Mexico, the unemployment rate fell to 4.9% in June. He’s down from 7.3% a year ago, but still Higher than the national average and highest among other statesaccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Undersecretary of Commerce Don Graves told reporters on Wednesday that the grants will target critical industries ranging from health care to energy production, manufacturing and wildfire prevention.

For example, in California, the California Community College Foundation has been awarded over $21 million to develop a statewide infrastructure for forest health and fire safety training. Federal officials say the emerging sector could grow into a $39 billion industry, but it lacks firefighting and forestry crew leaders, scientists and others.

The subsidy program will last three years and New Mexico officials expect to employ about 1,100 workers. However, it is unclear how the program will be funded after that.

Monica Abeita, of the North Central New Mexico Economic Development Zone, said she hopes the success will lead to private investment that can keep the program running.

Aveita outlined some of the challenges facing northern New Mexico, including poverty and intergenerational substance abuse. She also said the economy is largely based on tourism. That means low-wage, seasonal jobs that don’t offer a career ladder beyond the service sector.

Another target for future participants is the 3,000 who graduate annually from recovery centers in northern New Mexico. By allowing them to find jobs before they graduate, state officials said, it would give them a target to work for and hopefully reduce recidivism.

Aveita also said authorities are working with local employers to overcome the hurdles of hiring people who have been incarcerated or have substance abuse problems.

“I feel like everyone in the area is working on this,” she said. “We know that our region cannot move forward without changing this dynamic and fundamentally changing some of these structural problems.”

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US donates relief dollars to build job med fit

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