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US agency launches formal investigation into Tesla autopilot system | Work

Detroit (AP) —The US government has begun a formal investigation into Tesla’s autopilot’s partially automated driving system, citing problems finding parked emergency vehicles.

The survey covers 765,000 vehicles, almost everything Tesla has sold in the United States since the launch of the 2014 model.

The Department of Road Safety announced its actions on Monday in a post on its website.

The agency says the autopilot or traffic-aware cruise control Tesla has identified 11 crashes since 2018 when it hit the vehicle with flashing lights, flares, illuminated sheet piles or danger cones.

The survey covers Tesla’s entire current model lineup, models Y, X, S, and 3 from 2014 to 2021.

Autopilots have often been misused by Tesla drivers who were caught driving drunk or riding in the backseat while a car rolled down a California freeway.

Authorities have dispatched an investigation team to 31 accidents related to partially automated driving assistance systems since June 2016. Such a system allows the vehicle to be centered in the lane and kept a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Of these crashes, 25 were involved in the Tesla autopilot and 10 were reported dead, according to data released by authorities.

Tesla and other manufacturers warn that drivers using the system should always be ready to intervene. Tesla using this system collided with the half-intersection in front of them, stopping the barriers between emergency vehicles and the roadway.

A message was left early Monday asking for comment from Tesla, which disbanded the Media Relations office.

The collision with an emergency vehicle quoted by NHTSA was on January 22, 2018, in Culver City, California, near Los Angeles, where Tesla using an autopilot was partially parked in the driving lane with flashing lights. It started when I collided with a parked fire engine. At that time, the crew was handling another crash.

Since then, the agency has stated that there has been an accident at Laguna Beach, California. Norwalk, Connecticut; Cloverdale, Indiana; West Bridgewater, Massachusetts; Kochise County, Arizona; Charlotte, North Carolina, Montgomery County, Texas. Lansing, Michigan; Miami, Florida.

The National Transportation Safety Board, which has also investigated some of Tesla’s crashes, recommends limiting the use of autopilots to areas where NHTSA and Tesla can safely operate. The NTSB also recommended that the NHTSA require Tesla to have a better system to ensure that drivers are paying attention. NHTSA has not taken action on any of the recommendations.

In June, NHTSA ordered all automakers to report crashes related to fully autonomous vehicles or partially automated driving assistance systems.

The measures indicate that the agency has begun to take a more rigorous stance on automated vehicle safety than before. He was reluctant to issue new technology regulations for fear of hindering the adoption of potentially life-saving systems.

Tesla Inc, based in Palo Alto, California. Stocks fell 2% before the opening bell.

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US agency launches formal investigation into Tesla autopilot system | Work

Source link US agency launches formal investigation into Tesla autopilot system | Work

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