UPMC Park is full and welcomes fans

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UPMC Park welcomed everyone who was able to participate in the ball game as the place was fully packed.

Some who participated in tonight’s game said it was the first time in a year to participate in ball games. The capacity limit has been lifted, and it feels like everyday life is back.

Logan Wurst, a fan of Erie SeaWolves, says the game will be fun once the crowd is back in full power.

“I was planning to go out before the Dodgers came before the pandemic in Los Angeles, but it was canceled, so it’s great to go out again and watch the SeaWolves game,” said attendee Logan. Worst said.

β€œIt’s great to be back to normal. That’s all I can say. It feels like life is back and I can breathe,” said attendee Amy Mariera.

The Seawolves’ next match will take place on Wednesday, June 9th at 7:05 pm

UPMC Park is full and welcomes fans

Source link UPMC Park is full and welcomes fans

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