UPMC Addresses Vaccine Questions, Booster Questions | Covid-19 Public Information

The ongoing scientific development of the COVID-19 vaccine continues to question researchers, doctors, and the general public. Hospitals are calling on the FDA and CDC to manage new medical practices, including the booster effect, which is the focus of modern conversations.

As of Thursday, October 14th and Friday, October 15th, the FDA Advisory Board voted in favor of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (J & J) booster doses for high-risk individuals or persons over the age of 65. This is a decision that follows Pfizer. policy. Modena’s booster shots are half, while Pfizer and J & J’s booster shots are full.

At the UPMC media briefing on Friday, UPMC Chief Medical Officer Donald Jerry and Health Authority Graham Cinder, Chief Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Epidemiology, revealed questions about booster shots and vaccines in general.

According to Yealy, each brand of booster vaccine has the same composition as the original vaccine, but in different amounts, as in Moderna. “All three of these vaccines work really well, so I also discourage people from considering this as the best,” Cinder said.

“Mix and match” vaccine? The issue of combining two different COVID-19 vaccines is still under consideration by the FDA. UPMC officials have emphasized that the current method is effective. Therefore, the public should not worry about alternatives unless science proves they are more effective.

Side effects? NS VAERS system Allows the provider or patient to report possible side effects associated with the vaccine. For example, research on vaccine-related blood clotting came from a report by VAERS, according to Yealy. But at this point, healthcare professionals aren’t worried about side effects.

Yealy states that increased scrutiny, increased awareness and continued research on the COVID-19 vaccine alleviated the following concerns:[research] An important safety signal is missing. “

Yealy added that side effects usually become apparent shortly after vaccination. The long-term side effects of the vaccine are rare. researcher We support this conclusion by explaining the nature of the vaccine and the function of the mRNA. Unlike normal dosages, the effectiveness of RNA vaccines actually diminishes over time and is not built. Therefore, it is a recommended booster shot.

According to the CDC, MRNA initiates an immediate and transient immune response. On their website CDC explains Simply put, the process: “Follow the instructions to break down the cells and remove the mRNA as soon as it is finished. [to create protection from the COVID-19 virus.]””

Dr. Yerry emphasized that the potential side effects are minimal compared to the results from severe cases of COVID-19. “The side effects of COVID-19 infection are incredibly terrible. They become more frequent and less quivering than you can imagine or observe from the vaccine,” Yealy said. “By choosing to be vaccinated, you are making one of the safest bets you can make in your life.”

Dr. Cinder also talked about the history of scientific research applied to current methods. “We’ve been dealing with monoclonal antibodies for a long time. We’ve been dealing with mRNA technology for a long time. I’m not particularly new to us, but new to others. We understand that as an opportunity to actually reaffirm our ability to not only improve someone’s health, but also trust in the process and have a positive impact on everyone, “said Cinder. Said.

Should non-risk groups consider booster doses? According to Synder, “regardless of which vaccine you choose, you have the first complete series and are well protected even if you don’t belong to that immunodeficient group.”

For lasting protection, it is advisable to vaccinate against the flu before booster shots. “The booster strategy is not meant to radically change the pandemic, but to remind us of the protections that have already been developed. Therefore, continue with other activities (ie masking, avoiding small gatherings). I think it’s more important — and make sure you’re vaccinated against the flu, ”says Yealy.

According to Yealy, another element of the UPMC strategy is to provide multiple sites for obtaining booster doses until CDC instructions are given, or to initiate the vaccine process if not. That is.

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UPMC Addresses Vaccine Questions, Booster Questions | Covid-19 Public Information

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