Unpaid Unemployment: Frustration Over Late Payments

PITTSBURGH, KDKA — A few times a week here at KDKA, I hear from unemployed people who have become frustrated while trying to get some help from the state.

The state has been outspoken about all this. They were staffing with low unemployment when the pandemic started and suddenly they were hit with record unemployment. They have added people to their staff with more help along the way.

It’s frustrating when you’re living without a salary and qualified support doesn’t show up.

One woman says she was eligible for unemployment and did everything due but never got paid or given any explanation.

When she logs in online, she sees that her bill is being processed, and when she tries to call the 1-800 number, she finds it busy all day from 8am.

Susan Dickinson, deputy secretary for unemployment compensation at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, said it was certainly difficult to say for sure, especially earlier in the week, but said it was that way even before the pandemic. .

A year ago, the backlog of claims awaiting processing was about 115,000, but that number has dropped to 66,000.

“There are about 66,000 complaints awaiting action,” Dickinson said.

From small problems to big problems, they need to be addressed and there are no shortcuts, says Dickinson.

“So in all cases, when they are on the pending list, they will be contacted by us. We need to get the information,” Dickinson said.

The good news is that more help is coming with about 150 additional staff members joining us in the coming months.

If you have difficulty reaching the department by phone or online, you can sign up for in-person sessions at the CareerLink office on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Even if you haven’t received your check, you must continue to submit it each week. All of those payments will be issued at once once a decision has been made to see if you are eligible.

Also, even if you find a job, you can still receive the money for every week you apply for if you are determined to be eligible.

Unpaid Unemployment: Frustration Over Late Payments

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