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United Nations Chief Appoints US Stephanie Williams as Libya Adviser | Nationwide

United Nations (AP) — UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced on Monday the appointment of US diplomat Stephanie Williams, who led the negotiations for the October 2020 ceasefire agreement in Libya. The North African country, scheduled for later this month, faces many challenges.

Her appointment (new position) as Special Advisor to the UN Secretary of Libya follows the announcement on November 23 that Libya’s UN Special Envoy, Jan Kubish, has resigned after a 10-month term. .. Geneva-based Kubis told the Security Council that he would leave to promote the changes he considers important.

Libya will host the first round of the presidential election on December 24, after years of UN-led attempts to lead a more democratic future and end the country’s civil war.

The country was in turmoil after a NATO-backed uprising defeated dictator Muammar Gadafi in 2011 and was later killed. It was then split into rival governments. One is in the east, backed by military commander Burj Khalifa, and became the UN-backed capital of Tripoli. Each side is supported by different militias and foreign forces.

In April 2019, Hifter and his army, backed by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, launched an attack attempting to occupy Tripoli. His campaign collapsed after Turkey strengthened its military support from the UN-supported government with hundreds of troops and thousands of Syrian mercenaries.

With the October 2020 ceasefire agreement, an agreement on a provisional government was reached in early February 2021 and an election was scheduled for December 24th. Both agreements were overseen by Williams.

Williams is a member of the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs with the rank of Ministerial Advisor, and was the UN Deputy Representative of Libya from 2018 to 2020 when she took office as Deputy Representative for almost a year while Guterres was searching. A fluent Arabic speaker who served. For a special representative.

United Nations spokesman Stephen Dujaric, who announced her appointment, said: Williams did a great job during his tenure. I am pleased that she has accepted the offer to return home. “

He said she returned to Tripoli as a special adviser and “started in the next few days.” This will allow us to “lead leadership in this very important month of December.”

As head of the UN mission in Libya, known as UNSMIL, Dujaric said Williams would also pursue conducting intra-Libyan dialogue on political, security and economic issues. But it’s the December 24th election that’s all the attention.

Voting faces many challenges, including controversies over the laws governing elections and occasional disputes between armed groups. Other obstacles include the deep cracks that remain between the east and west of the country, and despite the provision that they depart three months after the October 2020 ceasefire agreement, of thousands of foreign fighters and troops. Includes existence.

In September, Mr. Kubis told the council: It only fostered division, instability, and conflict. “

The announcement of Williams’ return to Tripoli follows last Thursday’s ruling by a court in the state of Subha in southern Libya that Gadafi’s son and former heir, Safe al-Islam Gadafi, could run for president. .. The Sabha court, citing his past convictions, overturned the decision by the country’s highest electoral body to disqualify him.

Seif al-Islam was sentenced to death by the Tripoli Court in 2015 for using violence against protesters in a rebellion against his father in 2011, which has been questioned by Libyan rival authorities. He has also been sought by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity related to riots.

Other candidates wishing to become president include the powerful General Hifter of eastern Libya, the influential former Interior Minister Fati Bashagaf, and the rules he forbids to do. Includes Interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamiddbeiba, who requested that he do so.

Last Wednesday, UN Security Council Chairman Abdu Abbury of Niger said: The situation is not mature enough to enable this kind of election. “

Guterres told reporters earlier Wednesday: So we do everything to facilitate dialogue “and” the stimulus that may divide Libya … for elections that take place in a way that contributes to the solution of the Libyan problem ” increase.

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United Nations Chief Appoints US Stephanie Williams as Libya Adviser | Nationwide

Source link United Nations Chief Appoints US Stephanie Williams as Libya Adviser | Nationwide

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