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During the last two grades, 2021 graduation class members have learned lessons that are not intended to be included in year-end tests or classroom curriculum.

They moved from traditional classrooms to distance learning, schedules and routines were interrupted many times, witnessed public protests against racism and social injustice, and a pandemic changed the world in front of us. I was watching over.

Nonetheless, older people in these five Philadelphia school districts have overcome these challenges with resilience, tenacity, and hope.

Together, they are part of this year’s special class in 2021. They are not only young people today, but leaders of tomorrow.

Machi church

As a student at Parkway Northwest High School for Peace and Social Justice, the Machi Church knows the importance of diligence.

He participated in the ROTC program for two years, took part in a summer admission program for mathematics at the currently non-functional Deladelphia Valley Charter School, and earned college credits upon completion of the program.

“The class was six weeks from 8am to 4pm,” Church said. “The program itself was stressful, but it was worth it because I was able to take algebra II and trigonometry. When I applied for the Navy School, both classes were in my resume. It looked better. “

Church has graduated 14 out of 63 in his class. After graduating, he entered the US Navy School and majored in mechanical engineering. He said he wanted to be a Navy aviator.

Sheila Street

Known for his leadership skills and activists at Central High School, Sheila Street is the president of the National Honor Society branch of Central. She was selected as the national winner of the National Honor Society’s $ 25,000 scholarship. This is an award given to one graduated senior out of nearly 10,000 applicants.

In 2020, she was the national ambassador for the My School Votes program, helping to register more than 30,000 young people nationwide. She also led the enrollment of over 1,000 students and community members, and over 90% of eligible students in her school.

Street has established Philly Black Student, an organization of black students, teachers and alumni throughout the district that defends student representatives in anti-racist schools and boards of education.

Street will attend college and major in computer science.

“No matter where I go or what I do, I stay on the ground and do what makes the most sense to me. That’s justice for our people,” Street said. “I will continue to fight for the life of black people, work in the community, serve the community, because that is what we really need to improve.”

Monae Blount-Keenan

As a student leader and dancer at Philadelphia Creative and Performing Arts High School, Monae Blount-Keenan excels at everything she keeps in mind. She has been in perfect attendance since the age of three.

“Perfect attendance throughout my educational journey taught me how to become a professional,” said Blount-Keenan. “I can’t be late or absent from work or college, so it clearly shows how the real world works and the importance of hard work.”

In 2020, Blount-Keenan’s family lost everything in a house fire, but she worked hard to stay focused on her studies. She earned a 4.0 GPA in high school third and fourth grades while her family stayed in temporary housing throughout the period.

Blount-Keenan has realized her dream of enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Technology. She said she plans to be a fashion designer and fashion influencer.

Geyante Payne

Geyante Payne is a graduate of the Vaux Big Picture High School class. Nature leader Payne has been accepted by 13 universities and has provided nearly $ 1 million in scholarships.

She has been one of only a handful of students taking college courses at a community college in Philadelphia since her sophomore year. In addition to earning 10 college credits, the course also taught Payne how to prepare for college.

Payne attends Chainy University and majors in criminal justice. She also said she wanted to go to law school.

“I want to be a lawyer,” she said. “My goals after becoming a lawyer include becoming a district attorney in Philadelphia and becoming the United States Attorney General.”

Nathaniel Bell

Nathaniel Bell flourished at Overbrook High School with the personal motivation and support of foster parents, teachers and school staff.

Bell participated in the school’s soccer program as a student at Overbrook. After setting the goal of making an honor student last summer, Bell made an honor student in two consecutive marking periods.

“I worked really hard and focused on achieving this goal I had,” Bell said. “By achieving this goal, we learned what hard work looks like and made sure there were no boundaries that could prevent us from achieving it.”

After graduating from Overbrook, Bell said he would attend college and major in business.

Unique Journey: Meet Five Philadelphia School District Seniors from 2021 Classes | Local News

Source link Unique Journey: Meet Five Philadelphia School District Seniors from 2021 Classes | Local News

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