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By Alyssa Choiniere

Uniontown, Pennsylvania — The Union Town Salvation Army is moving forward to achieve the ultimate goal of establishing a connection after resuming for an indoor lunch.

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Sally’s Kitchen aims to serve more than food, said Captains Erin Rishawi and Daniel Hopping. They said they changed the name to reflect that everyone is welcome, whether or not financial needs exist.

“I want to get rid of the stigma of the word’soup kitchen’,” said Rishawi. “I don’t want to be a place where homeless people come or just people who are unlucky. I want to make it a place where they can connect.”

They said the pandemic made it difficult to assess the needs of those who stopped by for a takeaway lunch.

“When people are in trouble, our job is to find out what that need is and what their story is,” Rishawi said. “The more people know you and the more you know them, the more you will respect each other. We are all together.”

According to Hopping, some patrons come every day just to see their friendly faces.

“It’s more than enough to go around,” Rischawy said. “We all have needs. We have physical, emotional, and mental needs. There’s a lot around us and no one is robbing us. Add here Just do it. “

  • If you want to help: For more information on participating, donating and volunteering, please visit Uniontown on Facebook or call 724-437-2031. Food donation is 32W in Union Town. You can drop off to the Salvation Army on Fayette Street. Clothing donations can be received at the Salvation Army Family Store at 54 North Mount Vernon Avenue in Union Town. Food and money donations can be dropped off at 32 West Fayette Street in Uniontown.Donate online You can make it here.. To participate in the Angel Tree Program, get a tag from the Union Town Wal-Mart tree.Gifts can also be purchased online Walmart Registry for Good..

For hearing-impaired hopping, connecting guests with disabilities to resources is an important part of her call, she said.

“I always advocate for people with disabilities,” she said. “I’m always there to talk to them about what their needs are.”

Caseworker Alyssa Batronis said he would notice when patrons did not arrive.

“When someone doesn’t come, I worry about them as much as I worry about my family,” she said.

Mr Batronis said the need for the pandemic has recently increased due to the prolonged economic impact of federal funding.

“I think the pandemic is affecting more people with lower unemployment and barriers to getting back to work,” she said.

She said more families are calling for a holiday meal and an Angel Tree program to offer Christmas gifts to local children.

Local children are also offered through the love of the backpack program, which provides weekend meals to elementary school students in the Laurel Highlands School District.

Hopping said he hopes to extend the program to additional schools next year. This will require more money. The program currently serves 100 children and costs $ 20,000 annually.

“We need a community to help us,” Hopping said. “It’s great to see children smile. We want to make sure they grow up healthy and safe.”

They are also looking for volunteers to pack food in their backpacks on Wednesday and serve in the Sally’s Kitchen at the beginning of the week.

Alyssa Choiniere is the Uniontown Herald Standard reporter who first appeared in this story.Readers may send her an email [email protected].. Assisting helpers is a collaborative effort between Uniontown Herald Standard and Pennsylvania Capital Star.

Union Town Salvation Army Connects with Locals Through Program | Helping Helpers

Source link Union Town Salvation Army Connects with Locals Through Program | Helping Helpers

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