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The Supreme Court’s ruling that federal laws banning sports betting were unconstitutional opened the door for each state to determine its own betting laws. Pennsylvania was one of the first states to legalize online sports betting for its residents. As sports betting grows in popularity, more and more companies are trying to attract some of that business. Some of these are betting companies that are incredibly well established and successful in Europe, such as William Hill. Others, however, are just trying to take advantage of the situation and are not entirely trustworthy. Since most of the established companies are based in Europe, it’s not surprising that most Americans won’t recognize their names. Unibet is one of these companies. What sets it apart from the competition?

What is Unibet?

Unibet is a platform for sports betting, online casino games and online poker. It was founded in London in 1997 and has rapidly grown into an international hub for online gambling enthusiasts. They have over 1 million registered customers and have offices in London, Malta, New York and Tokyo. They quickly took advantage of the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Sports stats, schedules and betting aggregator World Sports Network provides reviews and ratings for all of the available sports betting platforms, making them a relatively trustworthy source of information. WSN.com gives Unibet a 10/10 overall, with 10s for user experience and bonuses, and 9s for the types of bets offered, variety of sports available to bet on and ease of making deposits and withdrawals. These are pretty convincing ratings – unless, of course, you’re looking to bet on a very niche sport.


These days, coming across a site that isn’t mobile-friendly can be a total deal breaker. We’ve become so used to being able to seamlessly move from our computers to our phones and tablets that when a site hasn’t been optimized to work across devices, it can be really frustrating. It can be just as frustrating when the only option is an app that either won’t work with our system or doesn’t have a non-mobile equivalent that works well. The majority of companies seem to have realized this and an increasing number of sites are mobile-friendly.

The sports betting industry is going right along with this trend. Sports betting platforms realized early on that people don’t just place bets from their living rooms the day before the big game – they place bets on their phones from the sports bar and the stadium while the action is going on or even while out and about enjoying the post-lockdown summer. Being able to keep up with changing odds matters. Unibet, like many of its competitors, is mobile-friendly.

Smooth running

It’s bad enough to have to deal with a lagging website when you’re playing an online game or streaming a show. Any time money is involved, however, having a smooth-running website goes from being something nice to an absolute essential. You need to worry about whether or not you’ve picked the right team to bet on or timed your bet so the odds are just right; you don’t want to worry about whether your bet went through or if a page reloading is going to place your bet twice. Unibet is consistently smooth and reliable, with an intuitive interface.


One good way to distinguish a trustworthy company from one that might be a bit less legitimate is to look at who their sponsorship partners are. Sports betting is a very new industry in the United States so it makes sense that most potential gamblers are not familiar with all of the sportsbook platforms, but they are familiar with their favorite teams. Besides being the official betting partner of several important European soccer teams (including Paris Saint-Germain and Aston Villa), Unibet recently partnered with the Philadelphia Eagles. Even if you’re a diehard Steelers fan, knowing that a team as big as the Eagles has picked Unibet as their official casino partner should demonstrate how well established it is as a company.

With so many sports betting platforms available, some may argue that it doesn’t matter too much where you place your bets, as long as the odds are the same. But choosing to bet through a legitimate company such as Unibet instead of a random competitor might be the difference between getting your money paid out in a timely manner (or at all!) and having your details protected versus getting scammed. One of these options sure sounds like a better bet to me.

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