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A familiar problem in many communities is also occurring in the Indiana Autonomous Region — unemployment fraud.

Erics Robinsky, acting on behalf of Indiana Autonomous Region Police Sergeant Justin Shaul, said Tuesday night that the Indiana Autonomous Region Parliament had been reported with multiple fraudulent unemployment allowances in the past two weeks.

“It’s close to 25 to 30,” Slovinsky said after the meeting. “This breach seems to have happened recently.”

He said someone’s security breach caused multiple declarations in the Indiana-Armstrong County area.

Their submission continues. State police in Kittaning and Kiski Valley have new reports of individuals who have used the identities of others to apply for unemployment benefits.

Recent reports include the townships of Royal Hanna and Delhi in Westmoreland County, and Kittanning in Armstrong County and several communities around it.

“Check your email and communications,” the sergeant urged.

Councilor Betsy Sarneso wondered how the company knew.

“They will receive some kind of notification from the unemployment office,” Slovinsky said.

Manager C. Michael Foote said Autonomous Region Secretary Nicole Busovicki has notified employees who may have been affected.

Unemployment fraud is not the only problem crossing the desk of the Indiana Autonomous Region Police Station.

Mr Slovinsky said state police are cooperating with the autonomous region for what he described as a prank call.

As reported last week, I was informed about a man calling on behalf of IBPD’s “Sergeant Snyder.”

According to the agency, “Snyder” is quoting publicly available contact information from the Indianapolis Police Department to increase confidence in at least one person who has contacted him.

However, IBPD said last week that no “Sergeant Snyder” was employed in the Indiana sector.

The agency reminded residents that patrol officers in the Indiana Autonomous Region were wearing full police uniforms and operating clearly marked police vehicles.

Residents can also contact the Indiana County 911 Center ((724) 349-1428) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to check the work status of Indiana Autonomous Region police officers who are contacting them by phone.

Foote also reported on Tuesday that the autonomous region has received $ 39,721 from the state in a recycling grant that can go to the $ 44,135 price tag for leaf vacuum cleaners.

He also told the council that the autonomous region is close to a contract with waste management.

Donald Lancaster, Chairman of the Council Public Safety Commission, had the busiest schedule on Tuesday’s agenda.

He said there were two bids for police station body cameras. One was $ 89,000 and the other was $ 12,860 from a company called ProVision.

According to Lancaster, provision cameras are currently being used locally by police stations in Homer City, Climber and Northern Cumbria.

He also said that only one name remains on the entry-level qualification list for police officers’ autonomous regions.

Despite congressional opposition, concerns remain after the Pennsylvania Department of Transport removed its traffic lights in Philadelphia and 11th Avenue.

City councilman Poom Sunhachawi Taylor said a car and motorcycle collided during the day on Tuesday.

She suggested that the police keep a record of the accident there.

Looking at the agenda items of his committee, one item was the disposal of police cruiser 760-08, which was disposed of “as is” through a sealed bidding auction. The winning bidder had to remove the vehicle from the premises of the autonomous region.

As Foote said, “it won’t run.”

Meanwhile, half a dozen upcoming events have been cleared through the Public Safety Commission.

First, the Indiana Arts Council movie is in the park, which starts at 7 pm tonight at IRMC Park. If the weather does not allow the screening, the motion acknowledged the possibility of reschedule.

Next, from 5 pm to 7 pm on August 3, the Indiana Autonomous Region Police will hold a local National Night Out event at IRMC Park.

The event where school supplies are distributed to young people will be green on August 21st, when the Back to School Bash takes place at 600 Church St from 7am to 3pm.

And on August 31st, from 2pm to 10pm on August 31st, United will be held at IUP along North Carpenter Avenue.

Next, the Northern Appalachia Folk Festival will be held. The council approved an exemption for festivals and open containers from 10 am on September 10 to 11:59 pm on September 11 at 500 blocks on Philadelphia Street.

At the end of the list of events, motioned by the Public Safety Commission and approved by the unanimous council, South Ace Street is staging at the Love of Life 5K Race from 7am to 11am on October 16th. Used as an area.

Also in October, Council Chairman Dr. Peter Broad said plans for the Oktoberfest in downtown India are on track.

Unemployment Scams Reported in Indiana | Local News

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