Unemployment rises again in Indiana County | Local News

The Pennsylvania Ministry of Labor and Industry announced on Tuesday that the unemployment rate in Indiana’s Micropolitan Statistical Area (Indiana County) rose to 6.6% from May to June.

Again, that rate has been adjusted between the end of June, when the seasonally adjusted rate for May was announced to be 6.4%, and this week, when the May rate was announced to be 6.3%. I did.

In any case, the uptrend is consistent with the country’s rate reported at 5.9 percent in June, but Keystone states it at 6.9 percent in June, which is one-tenth that of DLI. The point that it reflected the decline in percentage.

And that’s far from unemployment a year ago. Pre-seasonally adjusted Indiana County was stated to have an unemployment rate of 12.5% ​​in June 2020.

After these adjustments, the unemployment rate in June 2020 was set at 11.7 percent.

Before seasonal adjustment in June 2021, total employment was 34,700, after which it was 34,300.

Before seasonally adjusted, the total unemployment rate was 2,200, or 6.0%, but after such adjustment, it was 2,300, or 6.3%.

Prior to seasonal adjustment, DLI said on Tuesday that Indiana County had a private workforce of 36,900, reducing the total unadjusted non-farm employment from May 2021 to 28,200.

After such adjustments, DLI lists its power at 36,600.

With the end of the semester at Indiana University, Pennsylvania, DLI’s work has remained unchanged in six of the nine public supersectors since May, while all three other supersectors have declined, the largest decline. Said it was a 900 government job.

According to the latest figures, Indiana County is ranked 43rd among the 67 counties in the state, down 3 notches from May.

State-wide prices range from 4.1% in both Chester and Montur counties, rising from May to 9.2% in Philadelphia county, which has also risen since May.

The nearby Westmoreland County was ranked 24th with Northampton County with an unemployment rate of 6.0%. Jefferson County was the fifth tie in 29th place with 6.2%. Armstrong County tied with Elk County in 54th place at a rate of 7%. Cambria County ranked 62nd with an unemployment rate of 7.3%.

Unemployment rises again in Indiana County | Local News

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