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PATTON — Jon McCullough’s post-match message to the team was concise.

The West Shamokin High School football season has been reset and will begin on Monday.

“The season started pretty strong and there were a couple of rough weeks. After the wolves fell to 2-3 overall, McCullough said at the Heritage Conference, abandoning 351 yards above the ground and 35 points. More than four minutes left in the third quarter late, losing 42-21 at undefeated Cambria Heights on Friday night.

Ryan Harshki rushed the season’s best 229 yards for the Highlanders and was the last from the second quarter scrimmage with one of his two fumble returns to act as an exclamation mark for a 22-point period. Won 5 touchdowns in play, including a backbreaker for heights after the game was drawn 7 one after another.

Heights is tied to # 1 River Valley at the 4-0 Heritage Conference. The Highlanders are 5-0 overall in the opening season of the league.

Wolf quarterback Bo Swartz crossed the 1,000-yard passmark in just four games. West Shamokin was tagged as a confiscated goal in the second week’s cancellation in River Valley and threw to Owenstober with touchdowns of 176 yards, 6 yards and 17 yards. He also scored on a one-yard run.

However, Highlander Pass Rush was after Swarts all night, firing Swarts twice, forcing him to fumble both times, and refusing to give him time to find a receiver. Swarts passed 27 to 13.

“They are really physical and brought it tonight. We need to step up and adapt to that physicality,” Swarts said.

Stober finished eight receptions at West Shamokin’s 139 yards, and Mikarin Hart ran at a height of 78 yards with the wolf’s 10-carry, which was the first to score in the Highlanders in four games.

The West Shamokin finished at 268 yards, but was a little fooled by the 170 yards coming after Halušky’s fourth touchdown run (1 yard with 4:16 remaining). Zexcot’s extra points are now 42-7 heights, bringing running. -Clock rules work.

Heights returned the starter after playing many reserves in the next few series on both sides of the ball, after Swarts and Stover connected to the second touchdown with the rest of 5:42.

Last season’s District 6 Class 2A finalist, Cambria Heights has made the best start since 1978. Halušky finished with a carry of 25, building 75 yards by the end of the first quarter and 121 yards by halftime. He scored on a 5, 2, 12, and 1 yard run, in addition to a 19-yard scoop and fumble score. first half.

Heights quarterback Stockley added 87 yards with a 10-carry and entered the end zone from 5 yards, giving the host a 14-7 lead in less than two minutes in the second quarter.

“They are a quality team. Obviously we are happy. (Swartz) was real and I thought they also had a really good receiver. Cambria Heights coach Jarod Lewis slowed them down. I’m pretty happy with what I can do to get it done. “

After avoiding the 33-yard scramble rush, Swarts scored a 7 with a fourth goal from Cumbria Heights 6 in the second half of the first quarter before the Highlanders took command.

Lewis said he thought West Shamokin would enter the season to be one of the top teams at the Heritage Conference. Swarts still feels the same, but the wolf just needs to find the ditch and realize its potential.

“We can do more,” Swarts said. “Today, there are no players like Lou (Wolf’s top receiver, Swarts) and we’ll be back soon. After this, we’ll bounce back and try to win every game of the rest of the season.”

There is definitely a sense of urgency for the wolves currently trapped in the pack of teams with a few wins competing for positions with the spots in the Class 1A District 6 playoffs.

West Shamokin’s upcoming schedule includes wolves playing 0-8 combined Northern Cambria and United in two games: Then play in the Connectam Valley and Marion Center before hosting a crossover game with WestPAC in Week 10.

“They are all getting bigger now,” McCullough said. “Next week’s match is the biggest match of the season. That’s where our entire focus must be.”

Undefeated highlands jump on wolves | Sports

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