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UN demands Turkey, Turkish Cypriots reverse Barosha’s actions | Nationwide

United Nations (AP) — Thursday’s UN Security Council demanded that Turkey and Turkish Cypriots immediately revoke all actions to reopen an abandoned resort in Barosha, a divided Mediterranean island. Supported further discussions in the “near future” on the reunification of the United Nations.

In a resolution adopted by unanimously extending UN peacekeeping operations in Cyprus for six months, the council said, “One-sided actions that could cause tension on the island and undermine the prospects for a peaceful solution. The need to avoid it “was emphasized.

The island was divided into the north of the Turkish Cypriots who separated in 1974 and the south of the internationally recognized Greek Cypriots, following the Turkish invasion caused by a coup d’etat aimed at the coalition of Cyprus and Greece. I did. Cyprus is a member of the European Union, but the withdrawn North is only recognized by Turkey, which is not a member of the EU.

Valosha is a suburb of Famagusta, the pre-1974 tourist center of Cyprus, thanks to its pristine beaches and modern hotels. Until October last year, when Turkey and Turkish Cypriot authorities announced a “reopening” after 15,000 Greek Cypriots in Valosha fled in the face of Turkish troops’ advance, the area was to block access. I was isolated.

Turkish Cyprus leader Ersin Tatar announced on July 20 that the 3.5-square-kilometer (1.35-square-mile) parcel of Barosha will return from military control to civilian control. He did it prior to the military parade attended by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to commemorate the 47th anniversary of Turkey’s invasion.

The Security Council resolution reiterated that “no action should be taken with respect to Barosha,” which violates the 1984 and 1992 resolutions calling for a transfer to the UN administration. “By people other than the inhabitants” is “not allowed”.

The council issued a presidential statement on Varosha on July 23. This is one step below a legally binding resolution.

Former residents of Valosha have blamed the latest move as a bid to take advantage of their despair for the future of the region and psychologically pressure them to sell their property. Many Turkic Cypriots have also accused the move of undermining the ongoing commitment to reconciliation between the two communities.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres held an informal meeting in Geneva in April with leaders of Cyprus in Greece and Turkey. They were unable to move the island’s future forward, but the UN chief said the talks would continue and “I will not give up.”

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Turkish Cyprus leader Tatar said that permanent peace in Cyprus is the number for the international community to approve two separate states and reach a federal-based unified agreement with political equality. He said it could only be achieved through decades of negotiations.

“We regret not having found enough common grounds at this time to resume formal negotiations at the (April) meeting,” the Security Council said Thursday. However, it “fully” supported the Secretary-General’s continued efforts and “the agreement between the parties to convene further informal consultations in the near future.”

The council said these talks “to show the political will and commitment needed to freely negotiate a mutually acceptable reconciliation in the spirit of openness, flexibility, compromise and under the auspices of the United Nations.” Repeated the importance of all participants working on.

On another controversial issue, Cyprus’ own allegation of oil and gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean waters, the Security Council noted “relaxing tensions” on hydrocarbons, and the dispute Emphasizing that it should be settled peacefully, he told Cyprus in Greece and Turkey, “Avoid actions and rhetoric that could damage the reconciliation process.”

The council said it was convinced that “for all Cypriots and the wider region, many important benefits, including economic benefits, that result from a comprehensive and lasting reconciliation.”

The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Cyprus, known as UNFICYP, was originally established by the Council in 1964 to prevent further battles between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. After the invasion of Turkey in 1974, he undertook other tasks such as overseeing the front line, maintaining buffer zones, and conducting humanitarian activities.

The resolution extends the mission of more than 1,000 powerful peacekeeping missions until January 31, 2022.

It expresses “continuing violations of the military status quo along the stop line, reported intrusions by both parties into the buffer zone and the associated risks, and serious concerns about the increase in unauthorized construction.”

UN Ambassador to Cyprus Andreas Hadjichrysanthou called UNFICYP “essential” and welcomed the repeated resolutions of Barosha’s “serious and dangerous” situation and the request of the UN peacekeepers.

He convinced Cyprus to “address all Cyprus concerns of reunited independent Cyprus without external intervention”, negotiating on the basis of a two-zone coalition of two communities with political equality. He said he was ready to resume.

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UN demands Turkey, Turkish Cypriots reverse Barosha’s actions | Nationwide

Source link UN demands Turkey, Turkish Cypriots reverse Barosha’s actions | Nationwide

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