UCF offers Sanford Seminole Freshman OT Max Buchanan – Reading Eagle

UCF aims to rejoin Sanford Seminole High’s talent pool and maintain the success of its pipeline by offering a scholarship to Max Buchanan, an offensive tackle in 2025.

“It feels great,” said Buchanan. Orlando Sentinel.. “There are a lot of people who have signed on to UCF in this past class and they are the home team.”

The 6’5, £ 280 Buchanan is the second Seminole freshman offered by UCF last week. Wide receiver Kenion Holden Last week, I received a scholarship offer from the Knights. UCF has signed three Seminole players in the 2022 recruitment class, defensive back Jakari and Demari Henderson, and linebacker Cameron Moore.

Buffalo Bills NFL star Gabriel Davis has also passed through the Sanford-UCF pipeline, as did Brandon “Bam” Moore, a former All-AAC prestigious mention selection.

Buchanan started seven varsity games for the Seminole team this past season, but lost two games and was embarrassed that one game would advance to a Class 8A state championship game. Seminole lost to Apokka in the semi-finals.

The UCF Offer is Buchanan’s 5th Football Bowl Subdivision Scholarship Offer. His others are from Pennsylvania State University, Iowa State University, USF, and Troy University. At the time of his offer, Troy’s head coach was Chip Lindsey, who is now UCF’s offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.

UCF Coordinator of Defense David Gibbs and Attack Line Coordinator HerbHand are the main recruiters for Buchanan from UCF.

“Currently, recruitment feels like it’s going according to plan. It’s really going well,” Buchanan said. “We’re ahead of the game. It’s really amazing.

“I’ve been working hard on a lot of training and going to a lot of camps, so I wanted [the offers] come. But I didn’t expect it to come so soon. “

Buchanan is coached by his father, Seminole Offensive Line Coach Jordan Buchanan, who said it offers a unique situation.

“At Seminole, they encourage me to be the best person I can do every day, especially my father,” Buchanan said. “”[My dad] It’s hard for me, but I know he cares a lot about me and can build closer bonds both inside and outside the field. “

Buchanan likes to study NFL offensive linemen like the former Notre Dame Guard Quinn Tunnelson of Indianapolis Colts and the former Georgia Guard Ben Cleveland of Baltimore Ravens.

Buchanan said he had three more high school football seasons left and would like to work on “my strength, and my mobility and speed.”

Buchanan’s versatility as a run-and-pass blocker gives him an advantage when hired. Many high school offensive linemen come from one-dimensional offensive lineman and need to learn techniques at the next level. Seminole mixes it.

“I think we’re very balanced … whether we pass or run depends on the teams we play against, so people need to be with us,” says Buchanan. I did.

And he loves being in the traditional Seminole.

“It feels great. I know there is nothing better than our school,” he said.


UCF offers Sanford Seminole Freshman OT Max Buchanan – Reading Eagle

Source link UCF offers Sanford Seminole Freshman OT Max Buchanan – Reading Eagle

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