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U.S. Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick rests

Washington(NewsNation Now) — Almost a month after the attempted riot in the Capitol, the result was on Wednesday when one of the police officers who defended the American democratic position against the mob was commemorated as a hero. Became painfully clear.

This dateless image, provided by the United States Capitol Police, shows Brian Sicknick, a United States Capitol police officer who died after being injured during a riot at the United States Capitol on Thursday, January 7, 2021. .. Originally from South River, New Jersey, Sicknick continued his career in law enforcement with the New Jersey Air Force National Guard. His family said it was a dream of his life. He joined the Capitol Police in 2008. (US Capitol Police)

At the end of Tuesday, the body of US Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was taken to Rotunda in honor. This is rarely the place where most corrupt presidents and senior officials are worshiped.

The president began to pay homage on Tuesday, followed by the vice president on Wednesday. Then, the parliamentary leaders once protected by police officers had their say.

“It was a pointless tragedy that Brian and his family were paid such a high price for his devoted service in the Senate, and we are still working on it. His friends and colleagues. There are deep scars on the building among them, “said Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

Sicknick is a veteran New Jersey National Guard who took a tour of the Middle East and his dream was to become a police officer. He was in Capitol Hill’s army for 12 years when the mob attacked the building where he was working on January 6.

“Every day a member enters the Capitol, the temple of democracy, we remember his sacrifice and the others of the day who fought hard to protect the Capitol and Parliament,” said Speaker of the House Nancy.・ Pelosi said.

It is unknown how the policeman died.

There are no official reports from coroners, but early reports suggest that a fire extinguisher, like the one currently arrested by retired firefighter Robert Sanford, threw into police was hit in the head.

The FBI reportedly asked dozens of people about the death the day after Siknick was engaged to a protester. His father told Reuters that a sicknic officer was injured in a pepper spray during the riots. Local police are investigating the dead as a murder.

It is the former subject that instigated the mob Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump It will start next week. House Democratic manager advises his supporters to go to the Houses of Parliament and “fight like hell” on the day of the riot, with his groundless allegations that the election he lost was stolen from him. Citing that, he said the former president was responsible.

“That kind of unconstitutional …” Democrats claim … “It justifies disqualification from the federal government.”

But Defendant lawyer states that the trial is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer president Therefore, it is out of the reach of Congress. The acquittal is likely as 45 Republican senators upheld measures that agreed to their defensive position last week.

There is no question of who is responsible for things that are no longer important to Brian Sicknick, nor is there a deep division of the country that honors him. The policeman’s body left the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon and was later buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Executive Sicknick was 42 years old. He is one of five civilians honored by the US Capitol in the history of the country.

U.S. Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick rests

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