U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Prepare for Flooding on Raystown Lake

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ)—U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conducted field training on Raystown Lake.

A simulation scenario was conducted in preparation for a potentially catastrophic flood event.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Administrative Director Dolly Murphy explained the importance of being prepared in case such an eventuality occurs.

“We were tasked with preparing our teams for an upcoming tropical event that will affect the Baltimore area, which covers a large area of ​​the state. We had to move to the Center,” Mufi said.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a realistic review of potential high water emergencies with local, state, and federal agencies. In this simulation, you will learn how to respond to a potential dam failure on Raystown Lake.

“This exercise is coming together because PEMA of Pennsylvania is also participating in this exercise as well as FEMA Region 3. Response partners are working with communities to save lives and improve critical infrastructure at facilities. It’s needed for life support as we deal with what’s happening at Raystown Dam,” Murphy said.

Simulation staff carefully monitor and maintain water levels to minimize adverse effects. Baltimore District Emergency Specialist Leon Skinner is helping response partners gain the hands-on experience they need.

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“Therefore, we are taking measurements to ensure that the lake is performing as intended and designed, so as not to impact the local Consulate General downstream. We keep the water here with minimal impact on levels and structures.We monitor the dam for signs of distress to ensure it is working as intended. continue to do so,” Skinner said.

Learn more about dams and how to stay protected and safe in an emergency here. click here. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Prepare for Flooding on Raystown Lake

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