Tyson Fury’s Baby Daughter “Dead for 3 Minutes” | Celebrity

Tyson Fury’s newborn baby “died for three minutes.”

A 32-year-old boxer and his wife Paris welcomed baby Athena to the world on Sunday (08.08.21), and Tot spent most of her short life in intensive care, but Tot’s grandfather, Tyson. Father John praised the effort of the staff at Alderhay Children’s Hospital in Liverpool who saved her.

John tells BT Sport:

“But thanks to the professionalism of Alderhay Hospital in Liverpool, we’re on the other side. They are the best, if not the world, children’s hospitals in the country.

“They were really great, they really saved her life because she was dead for 3 minutes and they brought her back, it’s up from today.”

John praised the “amazing” staff for taking care of his granddaughter.

“I thought I would lose her at some point, but thanks to the professionalism of the doctors and surgeons everything was good. Everyone who works there is a wonderful person and I am very grateful to be able to welcome them. “There is,” he added.

Tyson also confirmed that Athena had been removed from the ventilator that was helping her breathe.

He wrote in Thursday’s Instagram Story (13.08.21): [the] Ventilator.

“Thanks to everyone who is still in ICU for now.

“Thanks to all the doctors and nurses. God blesses all of you.”

Boxers include Venezuela (11 years old), Prince John James (9 years old), Prince Tyson II (4 years old), Valencia (3 years old), Prince Adonis Amasia (18 months, Paris) and so far Alder Hay Raised more than 34,000 people for the Family House Trust. After setting up the GoFundMe page, we also plan to auction two signed WBC belts to raise more money for the hospital facility.

Tyson Fury’s Baby Daughter “Dead for 3 Minutes” | Celebrity

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