Tyler Elsdon, Kobe King battle for starters as Penn State middle linebackers

State University – Tyler Eldson has seen videotapes of Penn State linebackers Paul Postlezny, Rubber Arrington, Sean Lee and Dan Conner.

Ever since his youth football days in Schuylkill County, he has dreamed of playing for Penn State. Now he’s competing with Kobe King for the starting middle linebacker.

“It means a lot to me,” said Elsdon, the former North Schuylkill standout player. “I’m from PA. Playing here means a lot to me, but I’m not just happy with the chances.”

Either the 6-2, 233-pound Elsdon or the 6-1, 245-pound King will be somewhere in between when Penn State opens its season at Purdue on September 1. increase.

Lions coach James Franklin named the middle linebacker as one of the team’s question marks at Media Day on Saturday.

“They don’t like being labeled a problem with our defense,” said defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Manny Diaz. “Okay. They have to prove it. They weren’t hired to be Question Marks.”

Middle linebacker Ellis Brooks has decided to turn pro after leading Penn State in 100 tackles last season. Jesse Luqueta spent some time there, but he also left for the NFL. As such, he left the position to two guys who had yet to start a college football game.

“We have to improve and step up each other,” said King. It’s our chance to lead.”

Listed as a sophomore, Elsdon is in the program’s third season. He appeared in his one game in 2020 and last season he appeared in all but one game and as a special team and reserve he made 12 tackles.

“I have to keep doing what I do and compete, compete, compete,” he said. You have to be the best version of yourself, and if you do everything the right way, everything will work itself out.”

A native of Detroit and the twin brother of Penn State cornerback Karen King, King is in his second season at Penn State. He appeared in four games last season and recorded three tackles.

“I have to be a better student of the game,” said King. I have to raise a lot.

“Competition has made us both better.”

Whether it’s central Elsdon or King, he’ll be flanked by a veteran pair of outside linebackers Curtis Jacobs and Jonathan Sutherland.

Diaz said the deciding factor will be which player can command the defense well by the end of preseason camp.

“At the end of the day, the middle linebacker is the defensive quarterback,” Diaz said. “He has to know where to line up and where to stick his nose. The whole thing collapses.

“It’s about who can do it most consistently. They both can do it. They both have the confidence to do it. They know they can do it. expects a lot from that position.”

Tyler Elsdon, Kobe King battle for starters as Penn State middle linebackers

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