Tyler Conklin’s new duo, CJ Yuzoma, is eager to revive a failed tight end unit – Reading Eagle

It’s no secret that Jets has gained little production from tight end spots in recent years.

In fact, Florham Park’s tight-end rooms have been gloomy for most of the last decade.

Since former Jets tight-end Dustin Keller finished at 815 yards in 2011, only one TE has finished over 400 yards during the season (Chris Herndon 502 yards in 2018).

In 2021, the combination of Tyler Croft, Ryan Griffin, Dan Brown and Kenny Yeboa produced a total of only 499 yards.

Therefore, the free agent signatures Tyler Conklin and CJ Yuzoma need to revive the unit. They combined 110 catches, 1,086 yards and 8 touchdowns last season.

And Yuzoma hopes that the duo will bring havoc to the entire league.

“We now have this tandem in a tight end room. It will get dirty soon,” Uzoma said on Friday. “We are excited to play with each other and complement each other. In the field, we think we can help.”

Conklin feels that the limit for this newly acquired duo is infinite.

“Unlimited. I think I and CJ can be one of the best tight end duos, if not the best. I think we’re both really talented,” Conklin said. rice field. “Both can do everything in a little bit. He had a really good year last year. Last year was a great year …. I think we’ll do a lot of damage.”

The 26-year-old Conklin has signed a three-year, $ 21 million deal with Gang Green after four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. 29-year-old Uzoma signs a three-year contract worth $ 24 million after seven seasons with Cincinnati Bengals.

Their arrival should regain the desire of Jets attack coordinator Mike Lafruul to use 12 personnel (two tight end sets).

The lack of production from Jets’ tight end position was a major problem for the 12 staff last season. They struggled to consistently perform block allocations and weren’t too threatening in pass games. Some of their lack of pass production goes back to playing in Rookie QB, but it didn’t make it easier for Wilson.

Wilson was 12 and completed 52% of the passes at 339 yards, with one touchdown, five passcuts and a passer rating of 40.3.

It’s also a formation that requires an effective run game, and the team can take action on it to unbalance the defense. But their rush attack from the group was terrible. The Jets averaged 3.93 yards per play, the sixth worst in the NFL. It provides some clarity as to why Wilson completed 50% of the pass-off play action for 12 personnel in four passcuts.

After suffering injuries to Griffin and Croft and a total shortage of production from that position, Jets used a two-tight end set for just 11% of the time (8th least in the NFL) from week 9.

However, with a mix of Conklin and Uzoma, the heavy use of 12 people should come back.

“I think I and CJ aren’t productive and will turn around the tight end as a whole,” Conklin said. “As he said, it will get dirty. I’m going to produce it at a high level.”

Welcome to the two tight end sets when Conklin and Uzoma tried to bring Jets’ tight end room to life in 2022.


Tyler Conklin’s new duo, CJ Yuzoma, is eager to revive a failed tight end unit – Reading Eagle

Source link Tyler Conklin’s new duo, CJ Yuzoma, is eager to revive a failed tight end unit – Reading Eagle

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