Two women shot dead in a domestic conflict in Chester County | Local News

A Philadelphia woman was detained in Chester County Jail on Thursday, according to Willistown police.

The woman, as 28-year-old Tauheda “Kandy” Fisher, shot herself during a domestic conflict in a criminal accusation by town and county investigators, and she herself when her ex-girlfriend tried. Disarmament her identified as stating that she was shot in the foot.

According to a press release, Fisher and the woman she allegedly shot were not seriously injured and were released from Paoli Hospital after being treated at Paoli Hospital after the incident on Wednesday.

She has been charged with attempted murder, exacerbated assault with deadly weapons, robbery, trespassing of crimes, simple assaults, possession of criminal tools, and the threat of terrorism. Indicted by East Gauchen’s Magisterial District Judge Thomas Tartagrio, she was ordered to be released on bail of $ 300,000.

She is currently waiting for a preliminary hearing on August 11th before Tartaglio.

A criminal accusation filed by Willistown detective Stephen Jones and Chester County detective John Divatista shot at around 10:50 pm on Tuesday outside a 200-block house on West Central Avenue, just outside the Paoli Business District. It was done.

When they arrived, police officers found two women with gunshot wounds — Fisher, who had a wound on her leg, and another woman who was not identified in a complaint on her right arm.

In an interview, the shot woman said she was at her girlfriend’s house, which had a relationship with Fisher until about five months ago. Fisher arrived home uninvited and snd began beating the front door. The female girlfriend told her to go upstairs with her young daughter out of the way of Fisher.

But at some point the woman came downstairs and saw Fisher enter the house. Her girlfriend took Fisher out of the house, at which point Fisher went to her car, recovered the gun, and complained, “I’m going to shoot the bitch.”

She then fired three bullets at the woman standing at the front door of the house next to her daughter.

The suspect’s girlfriend then wrestled with Fisher to control the gun. When she did, the weapon fired and the bullet struck Fisher’s foot. The girlfriend then worked on Fisher and sat on her until the police arrived, so she couldn’t escape.

The woman’s account was backed by her girlfriend and her young daughter. The girlfriend told investigators that she had ended her relationship with Fisher, but was still in contact with her. Fisher called her and asked her to meet, but she refused. Still, Fisher arrived home and knocked on the door, when the girlfriend told her she wasn’t welcomed inside.

Fisher was tied up to enter through the rear door, but eventually entered the house through an unlocked front door and confronted her alleged victim. When the girlfriend kicked her out of the house, Fisher got even more excited and went to get a gun. The woman said she had seen the alleged victim shot after hearing multiple bullets.

To contact staff writer Michael P. Rerahan, call 610-696-1544.

To contact staff writer Michael P. Rerahan, call 610-696-1544.

Two women shot dead in a domestic conflict in Chester County | Local News

Source link Two women shot dead in a domestic conflict in Chester County | Local News

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