Two run for one Maidencreek Township Supervisor position

In the Maidencreek Township Supervisor Race, two candidates will compete for one seat.

Township supervisors serve a six-year term. The incumbent is not running. Claude Beaver’s term of office ends on December 31st.

I asked the candidate to answer two questions.

question 1: Why do you think you are the right person for this position?

Question 2: What are the most important issues facing the school district today? And how do you plan to deal with them?

Joe Farley, 66, Maidencreek Township

Background: I was born and raised in northern Jersey. Many of my family, including my father and grandfather, were in office and politically active, so when I was young, I was politically active in the campaign and became a member of the district committee. In the 1980s, I was the coordinator of the Reagan Democratic Party in Middlesex County, New Jersey. In 1985, my family and I were all conservative Democrats and rejoined the Republican Party. After that, I was approved to take up the post of all city council members. I moved to Pennsylvania. There was a future desire to stay involved and eventually run for the office.
I am a conservative pro-constitution, including Second Amendment to the Constitution, Pro Life, and America First Republicans. I have been actively involved in the campaign as a Republican with President Ronald Reagan since the 1980s. I have held many positions over the years and have been nominated for offices many times. My wife and I have been residents of Maidencreek Township for 33 years. I have been active in our community for many years and have benefited the population in many ways.

Response 1: I pledge to put the needs of the people and the town first, rather than politics, so I believe I am the right person for this position. I am a good communicator and listener and always work for the common interests, well-being, safety and well-being of our community. I maintain conservative morals and values ​​and believe in the dignity and respect of all human beings. I have always referred to our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and our freedom and their values ​​and the values ​​and principles of the Bible that the Founding Father called to our institutions throughout this great land. I support you. I will fight for tax cuts, always oppose all sorts of wasted pork-barreled spending, and ensure that the taxes collected from “our people” are properly used and applied. I oppose the sanctuary of illegal immigrants and believe that immigrants have legally entered the country and have gained their retention as well as their predecessors. I am a person of law and order who believes in and defends the rule of law and the US Constitution. I support the Northern Burks Regional Police and all blue men and women. I am well-equipped, strong, strong, effective, respected and respected for protecting and protecting our community and enforcing all laws and regulations, as well as the rules of community parks. Believe in and support the current police. I also oppose high-density Section 8 low-income housing in our community.

Response 2: 1) Keep our town safe with strong and sufficient police force.
2) Keep our town clean and keep our parks and streets clean.
3) Prosper townships by keeping taxes low, preventing wasteful spending, and preventing proper distribution of taxes that benefit people / townships.
4) Keep our town in excellent condition by supporting and conducting lots of fun public events and recreation.
5) Prioritize “our people” and our town before politics / programs, events, and additions that benefit us.
6) More lights in traffic safety / high collision areas and where needed at high collision accident intersections

Joshua Meck, 37, Maidencreek Township

Background: Senior substation designer

Response 1: I have been deeply involved in our community for the last two years. While attending these meetings, I not only saw first-hand what was happening, but that was also why I decided to run for supervisor. I think it’s very important to participate in your own community. I’m the one who participates, not sits and complains. That said, the role of township supervisors is to work with other supervisors as well as residents to find the best for our community. Having been involved in civil engineering design for about 20 years in power generation and substation design, I have unique engineering and professional skills. Also, I feel young and involved because I am in our community. It can provide valuable information to the board and involve young families more in our community. Maidencreek is a great family-raising community and I myself am a K-12 graduate of the Fleetwood School District, so I think there’s a lot to offer here.

Response 2: Stormwater and floods are now a major issue in our community. This does not necessarily affect all residents personally, but it does affect most. This issue has already gained some traction among current supervisors, but we hope to take some mitigation measures. Second, as a resident involved, I feel that by involving more residents, the community as a whole can do better. We have great facilities for the inhabitants and the parks and recreation committees do a great job, but I have been to those meetings and sometimes only I attended. With more community engagement, we can get more involved and really hear what the community wants to see. The sign for my campaign shows that the residents of Maiden Creek need a voice. If I can help promote it, I will achieve what I was trying to do. As we are all together as taxpayers, we need to keep questions, comments and concerns inaudible when it comes to the community.

Two run for one Maidencreek Township Supervisor position

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