Two or more victories are required to prove that the Chicago White Sox is a serious threat at AL Central – Reading Eagle

The Chicago White Sox will begin a make-up or break trip to Cleveland and Minnesota on Monday to meet the team in front of them at the American League Central in the last week before the All-Star Break.

Socks were able to get out of the fight on a poor trip, or they could make a statement by dominating the Guardians and Twins that they were still a team to win in the second half.

But as the season progresses, they may approach Sunday’s location, look up at the twins, and repeat the “still early” mantra.

Whatever your perception of socks, manager Tony La Russa believes that the media hype about the importance of the eight-game journey is worthwhile, despite sticking to the mantra. Please know

“We need to play competitively and get competitive results,” Larusa said in a sock dugout Sunday morning. “One of the things you have to do to mitigate the hype is that you’re still in July when it’s over. But it’s an important road trip. It’s an important game today.”

Socks returned Sunday to defeat the Detroit Tigers 4-2, splitting the four-game series and finishing the home stand against the Twins and Tigers with a record of 3-4.

The Tigers gift-wrapped it in a two-out pop fly that dropped it eight times. This was gladly accepted by Socks.

“If a team gives you something extra, a good team will take advantage of it,” said AJ Pollock. “And today we were fortunate to be able to take advantage of it …. We’ve seen some teams take advantage of us when we didn’t play. It’s great to be that team (on the other side). “

When left fielder Robbie Grossman botted a fly from Luis Robert’s bat to take advantage of the innings, the score was 8 and a 2 draw. After deliberately walking to José Abreu, Pollock chose Gregory Soto, giving Socks his first lead. Eloy Jimenez continued another Lanscore single, and Liam Hendriks shut down the Tigers for the seventh save for the seventh save.

Socks improved to 41-43, dragging the division’s leading Twins five games the last time they hit the road before the All-Star Break.

Easy to see Last two games against the Tigers The “Big” wins, but every time they think the socks have taken a step to change the season, they come out flat the next night. Hendrix referred to the team’s level of confidence in 2021 and said it was important to “regain last year’s authority figures.”

“We are better than anyone else and can do this,” he said. “We need to regain that idea. It’s a surge for us, but it hasn’t really ignited yet. We want a game like (Saturday) and continue to spark today. I hope it helps a little to disperse. “

The theory of fatigue in the first half is widespread, but the most common is probably that the socks were too “relaxed”.TV studio analyst Frank Thomas repeated the criticism After losing to the Tigers on Thursday He then called on the dugout to “snap pages” and suggested that players face each other as they did when they played.

Game analyst Steve Stone was just as insensitive on Friday night’s television broadcast. “You can’t fall asleep for the rest of the season.”

It’s unclear if the sock player heard the criticism or cared about it. Maybe they just shrug the observations of the team’s TV analysts and believe that everything is going well and that the clubhouse talent will eventually start to win.

But Thomas and Stone are two of the most knowledgeable and candid analysts around, and unlike many team-approved announcers who sugar-coat the team’s shortcomings, don’t be afraid to point out sock issues. Hmm.

Michael Kopech, one of the most promising young pitchers Socks has had for years, has to step up on Sunday as he lost four times in a row and had an ERA of 6.86 in that span. did. Instead, Kopek walked the first batter on four pitches, hit Javier Baez with a two-run home run, and put the socks in a quick hole.

Kopek recovered and pitched to 6th place without allowing any further runs. But if he wants to be considered an elite starter, he needs to go deeper into the game.

When he didn’t cover the grounder’s first base with a second baseman, La Russa and the trainer came out to the mound to see what was wrong. Socks fans held their breath. Back on June 12, Kopek got off to a start against the Texas Rangers after just 13 pitches with discomfort in his knees.

But obviously, the only problem with Kopek on Sunday was that he wasn’t properly defending his position.

“I got over it a little slowly,” he said. “There may have been concerns about how the first inning went, perhaps some fundamental problem. I felt as good as ever. The best. I just didn’t. “

Such a small thing has made this a season that makes this worse for sock fans. Socks need to be aware that they are not operating their bases well, are less defensive, and make everyday mental mistakes, such as when Robert. Let’s drop the flyball next to him during Friday’s defeat..

“It doesn’t look good,” Stone said.

“No,” commentator Jason Benetti replied.

The booth was silent for a few seconds. Sometimes silence says it all during the socks television broadcast.

Winning the Tigers a couple of times was a good way to end a mediocre home stand. But to convince everyone that the socks are back where we all thought, the streak of a well-played game will take much longer.

They can no longer rely on their reputation, whether they are Larusa, Kopek, Robert, or someone else in the clubhouse.

It’s time to prove yourself — again.


Two or more victories are required to prove that the Chicago White Sox is a serious threat at AL Central – Reading Eagle

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