Two men tried for a role in a shootout that killed an innocent bystander

Norristown — Two Norristown men allegedly involved in a gun battle between several men during a conflict on a street in an autonomous region that resulted in the death of an innocent bystander in connection with a murder in a Montgomery county court. I have to answer the accusation.

Brandon Dontay Darden, 26, and Joshua M. Agudio Jr., 20, were tried after a preliminary hearing by James P. Gallagher District Court on charges of first- and third-class murder. In connection with September 18, 2021, several men were shot at 600 blocks on Astor Street, killing 51-year-old Barryfields who was not involved in the shooting and was sitting on the stairs of his residence. ..

Samantha Kaufman, an assistant district attorney, claimed that the men involved in the shootout were malicious and acted with the specific intention of killing them at that time. During the preliminary hearing, Kaufman and co-prosecutor Gwendolyn Kul relied on the testimony of shooting witnesses and two county detectives, William Mitchell and Anthony Casso, to provide sufficient evidence to bring the case to trial. Was presented.

“They had the specific intention of killing when they fired,” Kaufman claimed. “This kind of thing can’t happen in our community. We can’t do this big shootout in the middle of a neighborhood where families and people are enjoying the weather and each other outside.”

Darden, represented by defense lawyers Francis Walsh and George Yakubian Jr., and Agdio, represented by defense lawyer Brendan Campbell, will remain in county prison without bail until the end of the trial. Each of them faces a formal prosecution trial in the county court on January 12, after which the judge sets the trial date.

Agdio and Darden were two of the three men charged in connection with the shootout.

Edwin Islas Cruz, 23, the third man in 100 blocks on West Fornans Street, was arrested last month near Grand Island, Nebraska, awaiting his transfer to Pennsylvania, officials said. Upon completion of the delivery process, Islas Cruz will be transferred to Montgomery County and face a preliminary hearing on murder-related charges.

Authorities were previously investigating whether there was a fourth shooter involved in the case, and said the investigation was ongoing.

If you have information about the incident, please contact the Norristown Police Department (610-270-0977) or call the Montgomery County Detective’s Chipline (610-278-DOIT (3638)). Anonymous text tips can be sent using STOPit’s MontcoCrime Tips. App.

STOPit! The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android, and you can use the code MONTCOPA to get the Montgomery County version of the app.

The investigation began around 5:21 pm on September 18, and Norristown police were dispatched to 600 blocks on Astor Street after the 911 callers reported hearing about 20 gunshots. According to criminal accusations filed by Mitchell and Norristown detective Joshua Keenan, the corresponding police officer found Fields dead and lying on the sidewalk in front of his residence.

Witnesses, video surveillance, and physical evidence indicate that two men, Islas-Cruz and an unidentified accomplice, boarded a Toyota Camry block, left the vehicle, and fired north on Astor Street, where a group of men gathered. It turned out that I started to do it. In court documents. Two hanging men (identified as Darden and Agdio) fired, officials said.

According to court documents, after the shooting explosion, the two men who drove to the block returned to the black Camry and hurried away.

“The field was sitting on the stairs … when the ammunition was fired and struck in the head in exchange for the shooting,” Mitchell and Keenan wrote in an arrest affidavit.

During Fields’ autopsy, forensic pathologists noticed a single entrance wound on the left side of the face, entering the left cheek and hitting the brainstem, according to court documents. Doctors recovered the projectile and determined that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound on the head and the method of death was murder.

The detective recovered 39 fired 9mm cartridge casings in the block.

Investigations determined that Islas-Cruz was operating a Toyota Camry that he had borrowed at the time of the shooting.

“The projectile that killed Barry Fields was fired from the area where Darden and Agdio were located, and was not fired by Islas Cruz or another unknown man because Fields was behind him during the shooting.” Alleged in an arrest affidavit.

Investigations also found that there was an ongoing dispute between at least two men involved in the shootout.

At the time of his arrest, district attorney Kevin R. Steele said: Fields, sitting on the stairs of his dwelling on a sunny Saturday afternoon, were killed when these defendants decided to use guns to dispel each other’s disagreements, and then killed Mr. Fields. Nowhere in Norristown or Montgomery County is this kind of dangerous Wild West shootout. “

Two men tried for a role in a shootout that killed an innocent bystander

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