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Two books based on the “1619 Project” to be released in November –

This combined photo shows the cover art of “1619 Project: Born on the Water” based on a student family tree assignment, including words by Hannah Jones and Lenny Watson and illustrations by Nikko Russ Smith. Origin story “. Two books based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project” will be released this fall. (Oneworld via Kokira / AP)

New York (AP) —Two books based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project” will be released this fall, contributed by Jessmin Ward, Jason Reynolds, Ibram X. Kendy and dozens of other writers and journalists. ..

“1619 Project: A Story of a New Origin” extends the 2019 New York Times Magazine publication centered on slavery-centric national history and explains the project’s creator, Nicole Hannah Jones. Won the Pulitzer Prize. “Bone on the Water” is a youth volume based on student family tree assignments, using words by Hannah Jones and Renee Watson and illustrations by Nikkolas Smith.

Both works will be released by Penguin Random House on Tuesday and will be released on November 16th.

“When we announced the 1619 Project in 2019, we couldn’t imagine what it would be,” Hannah Jones said in a statement. “The historic events that have taken place in our country since then are the dissertation and need for a project to address how the struggle for slavery, oppression, and liberation of blacks created the country in which we live today. I just confirmed the sex. “

The Times release is one of the most widely read and discussed works of journalism in recent years. Scholars such as Gordon Wood and James M. McPherson have argued that it is overly harsh in some places and have been ecstatically praised by many as a necessary reassessment of American history. It was completely rejected by then-President Donald Trump and other conservatives.

Prior to resigning, Trump set up a “1776 Commission” to counter the 1619 project and issue a report aimed at supporting what Trump called “patriotism education.” The American Historical Association has accused the 1776 report of being rushed, simplified, and sometimes dependent on “false, inaccurate, missing, and misleading statements.”

In “1619 Project: A Story of New Origins,” Hannah Jones extends her original essay, provides a corresponding introduction to critics, and seeks a “restorative solution to the fraudulent legacy of project documents.” Includes. To Penguin Random House.

Published by Penguin Random House Imprint OneWorld, the book also features seven new essays from historians, as well as dozens of new poems and fictional works. In addition to Kendy, Reynolds and Ward, writers include non-fiction writers Michelle Alexander, Bryan Stevenson, Matthew Desmond, former American poet laureate Tracy K. Smith, Rita Dub, Nata Chatrezai, and novelists Terry McMillan and Yaagasi. included.

“Together, 18 essays of the book and 36 creative works, 1619 inheritance, from politics, music, food, transportation, citizenship to capitalism, religion, and according to the publisher’s announcement, our It’s very democratic. “This legacy can be seen in the way we tell stories, the way we teach our children, and even the way we remember.”

Kokira, the publisher of Penguin Random House, calls for a clear view of slavery as Hannah Jones celebrates black culture, stating that “an inhumane system can never dehumanize people.” “Bone on the Water” will be published.

“It’s an affirmative story for all black children, an American story that tells all children regardless of their race,” she says.

Two books based on the “1619 Project” to be released in November –

Source link Two books based on the “1619 Project” to be released in November –

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