Twin Valley defeats Mars area 23-2 in PIAA first round women’s lacrosse match

Twin Valley completed Step 1 on its way to the third championship of the season when the Raiders beat Tuesday 23-2 in the first round of the PIAA Class 2A Girls Lacrosse match in Twin Valley on Tuesday. ..

Berks County’s leading goal scorer, Emmalein’s, scored the team’s best nine goals, including the 100th season, to comfortably win the Raiders over the Fighting Planet.

“I’m really excited,” Rains said, scoring her 100th goal this season. “I did it last year, so I wanted to do it again.”

Burks and District 3 Champion Twin Valley will face Cardinal O’Hara, the 12th District runner-up, who defeated Southern Lee High 17-7 on Saturday.

“Rains, who has scored 102 goals this season, is definitely gaining momentum as he will play in every match in the hope that they will be the best team to play against.” “So I think this is really confident, but I’m going to forget this game and prepare for the next one.”

Senior Rains has a career goal of 281 and aims to reach 300 milestones by the end of the PIAA tournament.

“Emma Rains was on fire,” said Twin Valley coach Courtney Kaplan. “Not only was I impressed with her shot, but she (her ability) easily regained the ball from the goalkeeper. It’s just great. She panics people.”

Raiders (23-1) actively participated, surpassing the runner-up fighting planet in District 7 by 9-1 in the opening 10 minutes. With Rains scoring five goals, Twin Valley led 14-2 in half.

“I thought they had a complete game,” Kaplan said. “We didn’t deviate from what we always do. I like it. No one was nervous or panicked, and then it just became fun. It’s when they do their best. is.”

The Raiders were able to effectively control ownership thanks to an early win in the draw behind the midfield domination of Courtney’s daughter, Team Captain Annakaplan.

“It was pretty close at first,” said Courtney Kaplan. “And Anna understood it. It usually takes a few minutes, and she will understand it, which makes people fight from the circle for those 50/50 balls. It was really good. is.”

Despite the heat wave, Twin Valley did not give up in the second half and outsourced Mars 9-0. Rains scored four more goals in the second half. This includes her 100th scored at the remaining 20:36.

The Raiders’ defense was strong from start to finish, so junior goalkeeper Page Volkowski finished with eight saves.

“I thought our ground ball was really good on both the defensive and offensive sides,” said Courtney Kaplan. “We rebounded from the ground a few times, scored them and then got a rebound on a wide shot. I thought Page played great, so it’s hot and tired, especially in the second half. I was impressed.”

Kaplan, the 2022 Berks Player of the Year, had four goals and four team-best assists. Julia Givens scored four goals, Jessie Robinette scored two goals, and Jade Shearer, Samantha Rhodes, Caitlin Davis and Kylie Duke all scored one goal in the Twin Valley. Gives and Robinette each had two assists, and Duke and Rhoads each had one assist.

With the dynamic team clicking on every cylinder, the Raiders aim to take over the momentum over the weekend when they fight the Lions.

“I think we’re doing really well,” Rains said. “We are all playing together and we are all close friends. We are all confident. I think we are playing really great. I think this is our year. “

Twin Valley defeats Mars area 23-2 in PIAA first round women’s lacrosse match

Source link Twin Valley defeats Mars area 23-2 in PIAA first round women’s lacrosse match

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