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TV show “Johnson” gives a glimpse of the perspective of a black man | Nationwide

Los Angeles (AP) — Deji LaRay recalled when television shows such as “Sex in the City” and “Insecure” captured the essence of friendship between women, as did the male-led story. I realized that there was little to be said.

La lei saw the lack of a show from the perspective of a black man and decided to create himself. He teamed up with the retired NFL to play the retreating actor Thomas Q. Jones and develop a new series, Johnson, which will premiere on Bounce TV on Sunday. Cedric the Entertainer, the star of CBS’s “The Neighborhood,” is executive producer.

This series revolves around four lifelong friends. Everyone shares the same surname Johnson, but it doesn’t matter. The protagonist is specifically written from the perspective of a black man to explain why men make certain decisions centered around friendship, love, and broken heart.

LaRay said he wanted to insert “real, heartfelt, and honest” conversations that men make in men’s caves and pool halls.

“It feels like it’s time to talk about a man I know,” said La Lei, who was active in “Bosch,” “Age of the Living Dead,” and “Green Leaf.” Told. The actor chose the title of the show because the name Johnson is one of the most common in the African-American community.

“I felt really unbalanced when it came to showing a black man’s perspective on what really matters, such as love and marriage, religion and politics,” he continued. “This was a way to create unfiltered voices and give other cultures and black women the opportunity to strip those layers and see how they really feel about a particular topic.”

Cedric the Entertainer said he was obsessed with the premise of the story after reading the first draft. He felt forced to work on the project after meeting Jones and seeing La Lei’s “honesty of what he wanted to achieve.”

According to a legendary comedian, “Johnson” gives another glimpse of a black man he says can be portrayed in society as a violent alpha man, a member of a gangster, and a drug dealer. He said the series is an ambitious man who is allowed to show the same vulnerabilities as a male protagonist in movies such as “The Wood,” “The Best Man,” and “The Brothers.” Said to focus on.

“We want people to find themselves in this story,” he said. “I want people to see that this really represents my group of friends. No one here fights. All my partners are not difficult. Friends who fall in love every time they meet a woman I was able to do it. “

The series features La Lei and Jones, along with Philips Mitchie, Delex Brady, and comedian DL Hughley. The first season will cover some difficult conversations such as self-confidence, mental health and racism.

Huley said he was proud to work on this series to dispel some stereotypes about black men.

“One misconception is that we are not humans, we do not love, we do not care for our children,” said Huley, who became a podcaster from a preacher and a mentor to four friends. Told. “I think this gives you another advantage.”

According to Jones, the idea for “Johnson” was marketed to several networks, but he found a “perfect home” on Bounce TV. He said the network of African Americans gave them more creative control than going elsewhere.

“We wanted to make the show the way we wanted,” said Jones, who played in “P-Valley” and “Marvel’s Luke.” “Otherwise, it would be no different than anything else you’ve seen. That’s why we’re proud and happy to be part of the bounce family. Allow them to do so. Because he did it. “

The show’s co-executive producer Eric C. Rhone said it’s usually a challenge to market the idea of ​​a series with the leads of four black men. But he said providing ideas for their project was easy to sell to David Hudson, Head of Original Programming at Scripps Networks.

“The reason he got it is because he’s an African-American,” Rhone said. “I wonder what’s happening in Hollywood. Many black projects start with being really realistic, true and reflecting our culture. But it’s sold and others By the time people make their mark on it, it often comes out on the other side or isn’t aired on the original project. It’s not the same content. It’s not the same cultural experience. “

LaRay said it is imperative to give the show’s women a strong voice and maintain creative freedom to convey the perspective of black men.

“In reality, we have nothing without women,” he said. “This is not just a show where many people are giving their opinions on everything. No, this is what we are trying to reach some sort of solution or common ground on many controversial topics. Yes, things have traditionally been out of balance on many shows, but I want to make sure they are. “

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TV show “Johnson” gives a glimpse of the perspective of a black man | Nationwide

Source link TV show “Johnson” gives a glimpse of the perspective of a black man | Nationwide

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