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Are you looking forward to this autumn Sunday? The TV lineup is full of things that everyone can enjoy. Family guy, Great North, Your restraint enthusiasm, When The Walking Dead: World Beyond Above all, it will recover. Below is a summary of some of the titles that will appear on TV this fall.

Great North (September 26, 8: 30/7: 30c, Fox)

The anime family comedy is Alaska’s teenage Judy Tobin (voice: voice: Jenny Slate) I’m preparing to remove the braces in a music episode. later, Timothy Olyphant In the words of creators Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux, they visit the town as “the hottest (cartoon) Hank ever to step into Lone Moose.”

Bob’s Burgers (September 26, 9 / 8c, Fox)

The hamburger-playing Belcher family’s Season 12 menu has the usual quirks. According to creator Lauren, “Crystal, a giant ventriloquist dummy head, a 25-year-old pumpkin-related mystery, a 70’s psychedelic pop-rock funk novelty Christmas album.” Bushar.First, Louise (voice is Kristen Schaal) Participate in the Pixie Princess Promenade.

Family guy (Credit: Fox)

Family guy (September 26, 9:30 / 8: 30c, Fox)

At the start of Season 20, his mother, Royce Griffin (voice is Alex Borstein) I want LASIK surgery. An episode we can’t wait to see: the classic film noir rama take from the show’s 40’s, Elton john biography Rocketman And series game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, When Inheritance..

Suppress your enthusiasm (October, HBO)

“I did a lot of soul quests during the pandemic, and I came to the conclusion that it’s a lot more fun to play. Larry David Than Larry David. Therefore, Season 11 “says the comedian. There is no word as to whether he rebuilt the Laterary after the finale fire.

Condor (November 7, 9 / 8c, Epix)

For the past two years, brave former CIA analyst Joe Turner (Max irons) Lying low in Europe, trying to forget his past. In the thriller Season 2 opener, a devastating personal tragedy brings him back. “The people he loves are at stake,” says Executive Producer Todd Katzberg. Mole hunting led by FBI agentConstance Zimmer) Embedded in the CIA, followed by.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (October 3, 10 / 9c, AMC)

Bennett sisters, Hope (Alexa Mansour) And Iris (Ariya Royal) were separated by the Citizens’ Republic Army death The spin-off heads for Season 2 (last). But put Hope inside and look for fresh information on the dark group that caught Rick Grimes (Andrew lincoln) And, well, look forward to the upcoming battle. “It’s going to be David vs. Goliath,” says showrunner Matt Negrate.

This is an excerpt from the 2021 Returning Favorites issue of TV Guide Magazine. For more information on the new fall TV season, address the issue now on the newsstand.

TV favorites this fall Sunday, including “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Family Guy” | Entertainment News

Source link TV favorites this fall Sunday, including “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Family Guy” | Entertainment News

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