Turning Roe over can lead to bad results


When conception occurs, as many as 200 million sperms try to fertilize the egg, but only one can do it. Each sperm carries a different set of genes and produces different individuals. Simply put, in all concepts, nature effectively aborts about 200 million potential humans. Nature is by an order of magnitude the largest miscarriageist.

Judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court said they supported a “stare decision” stating that the settled law should continue, but they lied and Roe v. Wade. A preliminary vote was held to overturn. They clearly believe that poor families who cannot support one or two children should be forced to have more children.

Judges Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Samuel Alito are responsible when a woman is unable to have an abortion and bleeds and dies in search of an abortion doctor in the back alley.

When a fetus dies in the womb, women are forced to carry the dead fetus without abortion, and these judges are responsible.

These judges are liable if an abortion due to rape or incest results in a murder.

Oral contraceptives can fail due to drug interactions and require abortion.

Hull Brosman
Mullenberg Township

Turning Roe over can lead to bad results

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