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Tucson police officer fired after suspect’s deadly shooting | Work

Tucson, Arizona (AP) —Tucson police officers were charged with shooting and killing shoplifters nine times in a wheelchair, and were fired after a man swung a knife, officials said Tuesday.

Police announced at a press conference that police officer Ryan Remington had been dismissed due to excessive use of force.

Richard Lee Richards, 61, died on the scene, officials said, and the film was recorded on Remington’s body camera.

Tucson police chief Chris Magnus said Remington’s actions were “extremely confused and annoyed,” and the case is being considered by the Pima County Prosecutor’s Office.

“His use of deadly force in this case is a clear violation of departmental policy and is in direct conflict with multiple aspects of our use of force and training,” Magnus said. ..

Regina Romero, Mayor of Tucson, said in a statement that Remington’s actions were “conscientious and undefendable,” and the county law firm is fully assisting her in proceeding with the investigation.

In a statement, Remington’s leading Tucson lawyer Mike Story said his clients “had no non-lethal options.”

“He had a Taser gun, but he put a wheelchair between him and Richards and felt he didn’t have the proper spread to deploy it, so use it in his mind. I couldn’t do it, “Street said.

According to Magnus, four-year veteran Remington was working on “a special mission, basically security details,” at the Wal-Mart store at Midvale Park Shopping Center on Monday night.

A Wal-Mart Los Prevention employee told Remington that a man in a motorized wheelchair stole a toolbox from the store.

According to police, Remington and the clerk chased the man outside and asked for a receipt.

Richards reportedly said, “This is my receipt,” and continued to pull out the knife and move towards a nearby home improvement store.

Remington allegedly ordered Richards to drop a knife and stay out of the store, but the suspect ignored the policeman before he was fatally shot and dropped out of his wheelchair.

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Tucson police officer fired after suspect’s deadly shooting | Work

Source link Tucson police officer fired after suspect’s deadly shooting | Work

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