Tua Tagovailoa’s play shows that he is an asset that dolphins are supposed to build — not trying to replace – Reading Eagle

It may not be sexy. But it’s efficient.

It’s not powerful. It’s fluid.

Judge Tua Tagovailoa by the criteria you want to make and don’t be surprised if the Miami Dolphins quarterback clears the bar.

33-10 wins against Carolina Panthers on SundayParticipating in the game with the second best defense the dolphins faced this season, closed the first 16 starts of Tagovairoa’s career.

So his term for the rookie season is finally over, and upon further consideration, even the toughest critics can’t underestimate what Dolphins’ first round of 2020 picks have achieved.

Earlier Alabama’s outstanding pass completed the 351-of-524 pass (67%) at 3,515 yards and threw 21 touchdowns with 11 intercepts. He also recorded six hasty touchdowns.

Overall, he produced a passer rating of 90.5 during that stretch, setting a 9-7 record as a starter when he led the Dolphins attack during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Ryan Tannehill’s last 16 games began with dolphins, including a win in the 2016 season, and set a 10-6 record as a Miami starter. It was seven years in his NFL career.

Grizzly 17-year veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick set a 9-7 record in his last 16 starts in Miami.

Imagine that Tagovairoa had the same number of wins in the first 16 starts. Attacks have trouble areas scattered throughout and require overcoming major hip injuries, both hand injuries, and rib fractures.

Following Sunday’s fourth passer-rating performance of more than 100 people in eight games, Tagovairoa has the same passer rating (94.7) as the Kansas City Star Patrick Mahomes. Both are ranked 17th in the NFL in their statistical rankings.

Tagovairoa completes 70.5% of the pass in 7.3 yards in a single trial. He was thrown 1,701 yards with 10 touchdowns and 6 intercepts, and was fired 10 times in the eight games he played this season.

Tagovairoa has shown that his arm strength is limited, he can’t throw all the NFLs, and he has a history of being prone to injury, but he can lead the team to victory in the NFL. ..

If you cut out the seemingly painstaking intercepts and the failed snaps that usually plague him in this season’s games, his play should allow the dolphin to win more games than he loses. And that type of quarterback hasn’t been in this franchise since one of Chad Pennington’s magical seasons in 2008.

That’s why dolphins should focus their team on making Tagovairoa a more aggressive line and getting more playmakers.

He managed all of this with a dire line of attack. This was significantly worse this year due to the turn tiles on the aggressive tackle and the four center carousels that the dolphins used to achieve it throughout the season.

And a pair of deadly run games, averaging 3.4 yards per carry and 80.2 yards per game this season, and often injured receivers who missed more games than they played (DeVante Parker and Will Fuller).

With a mountain of guys like Trent Brown in New England, a 28-year-old imminent free agent, his blindside, a reliable tailback in the backfield, and a team with a receiver on the other side of Jaylen. Imagine a place Waddle is actually reliable and durable, like Allen Robinson in Chicago. This is another imminent free agent who calls South Florida home during the off-season.

It’s too early to know what the Tagovairoa can or will be in the NFL. That verdict probably won’t come until 2022 or 2023, when he saw that defense and coordination teams of all kinds could throw him.

But now, at least this 16-start stretch shows that he doesn’t matter. He is not responsible.

He shouldn’t worry.

The efficiency of Tagovairoa shows that he is an asset rather than an obstacle. It’s the type of player and talent that the team is trying to build, rather than looking for an upgrade.

Tua Tagovailoa’s play shows that he is an asset that dolphins are supposed to build — not trying to replace – Reading Eagle

Source link Tua Tagovailoa’s play shows that he is an asset that dolphins are supposed to build — not trying to replace – Reading Eagle

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