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Washington (AP) —Donald Trump pursues the Justice Department to pursue his false election allegations and retains power and forgiveness only when warned of a mass resignation in the Oval Office. He made a wasteful effort to get the Supreme Law enforcement officer involved in his desperate bid to do. On January 6, 2021, I testify Thursday to a panel of the House of Representatives investigating the parliamentary riots.

Three Trump-era judicial ministry officials talked about relentless badgering from the president, including daily instructions to track down unfounded allegations that Democrat Joe Biden had stolen the winning elections. .. They decided whether to wipe out each request from Trump and replace the top lawyer in the department, who is eager to help the president undo the results, with a lower-ranking official because there was no evidence of widespread fraud. He said he was united when he considered.

All the while, Congressional Republican supporters overwhelmed the president’s allegations — and some later sought amnesty from the White House after efforts failed and the Capitol was violated on a day of violence, Commissioner. The meeting revealed on Thursday.

A fifth hearing by a panel investigating the assault on the Houses of Parliament revealed that Trump’s radical pressure campaign targeted not only state-wide election authorities, but also his own executive branch. .. Witnesses solemnized constant contact with the president as an anomalous violation of the protocol, especially as the Justice Department has long valued independence from the White House and sought to avoid partisan considerations in the investigation decision. I explained to.

“If we damage our basic system, it’s not easy to repair them,” said Jeffrey Rosen, acting lawyer on the final day of the Trump administration. “So I thought this was a really important issue so that the Justice Department could stay in the right direction.”

The hearing was in the sector after Attorney General William Barr resigned in December 2020 and after eliciting Trump’s anger with a public declaration that there was no evidence of fraud that could change election results. We focused on a period of memorable turmoil.

He was replaced by his best surrogate, Rosen. He said he met Trump for about two weeks after getting a job, or was called virtually every day. He said the common theme was “complaints that the Justice Department, in his view, did not do enough to investigate fraudulent elections.”

Another top executive, Richard Donohue, who testified Thursday, said Trump presented the department with a “weapon of claim”, but none of it was true. Still, Trump urged the department at various points to seize voting machines, investigate fraudulent allegations, and appoint a special counsel who simply declares the election corrupt.

The department did nothing about them.

“I think it would have had significant consequences for the country for the sector to insert itself into the political process in this way, which is very likely to have put us in a constitutional crisis,” said Donohue. rice field.

Testimony, however, showed that Trump was willing to find an ally within the sector in the form of an environmental enforcement lawyer who would become the leader of the civil sector of government agencies.

Attorney Jeffrey Clark was confident that he was introduced to Trump by Republican lawmakers and enthusiastically supported the allegations of fraudulent elections. Just three days before the riot, at a controversial Oval Office meeting on the night of January 3, 2021, Trump tossed Rosen with Clark, but retreated in a mass resignation warning.

Clark’s name is frequently referred to on Thursday, and Illinois Republican and Commission member Adam Kinzinger qualifies only for his death to Trump and his willingness to do whatever the president wants. I deceived him as a lawyer. Democratic elections. “

Clark’s lawyer did not return a message asking for comment.

Just an hour before the hearing began, it was revealed that federal agents searched for Clark’s Virginia home on Wednesday. It wasn’t clear what the agent wanted.

Recent hearings have not focused more on violence in the Capitol than on Trump’s legal push to revoke election results. This included more general questions as well as specific questions from Trump.

According to a handwritten note taken by Donohue in a telephone conversation, Trump told Rosen, “Tell me that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the House of Representatives,” as highlighted at the hearing on Thursday. I instructed.

Around that time, Trump was connected to Clark by Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania. Clark joined the ministry as Supreme Environmental Attorney in 2018 and later set out to support efforts to challenge the election results.

At one point, Clark presented his colleagues with a draft letter urging Georgian authorities to convene a special legislative meeting on election results. Clark wanted to send the letter, but the Justice Department’s boss refused.

Clark was not a witness to the hearing. He previously appeared privately before the Commission, but Thursday’s lawmakers responded to questions by taking videotape testimony showing that he was repeatedly exercising his constitutional right to self-incrimination. rice field.

Perry’s name emerged later in the hearing, with the Commission issuing a videotape statement from Trump’s aide, saying that he and several other Republican lawmakers sought amnesty from the president and protected them from criminal prosecution. Stated.

Perry and his Republicans, Andy Biggs, Arizona, Mo Brooks, Alabama, Matt Gaetz, Florida, and Louie Gohmert, Texas, all reject or “fake electoral colleges.” Was involved in the effort to submit. Gates tweeted Thursday that the hearing was “political entertainment,” and Perry denied seeking amnesty in a statement Thursday.

The situation came to mind on Sunday, January 3, 2021. It was when Clark informed Rosen that Trump wanted to replace him with Clark on behalf of a lawyer. Rosen resisted the idea of ​​being fired by his men and testified that he quickly contacted senior Justice Department officials and rallyed them. He also demanded a White House meeting where he and his allies could make their claims.

That night, he will appear at the White House, a dramatic, hour-long meeting centered around whether Trump should pursue a plan for a fundamental leadership change. Clark attended and was an ally of Donohue, Stephen Engel and Rosen, and a senior Justice Department official testified Thursday.

At the beginning of the meeting, Rosen said: “The president turned to me and he said: You don’t even agree with the allegations of fraud, and the other guy may at least do something.”

Rosen told Trump he was right and wouldn’t let the Justice Department do anything to overturn the election.

Donohue has announced that he will resign if Trump fires Rosen. Trump asked Engel if he would do the same. Engel replied that he would definitely do so. Trump was told that the entire leadership team would resign. Hundreds of staff would have gone out.

Donohue also believes that Clark has the legal background to do what the president wants, saying that Clark has “never attempted a criminal case” or has conducted a criminal investigation. I tried to discourage Trump.

“He says he will be responsible for 115,000 employees, including the FBI as a whole, and will conduct a national criminal investigation that will produce results in a matter of days,” said Donohue.

“It’s impossible,” he added. “It’s ridiculous, it won’t happen, and it will fail.”

The president has retreated. Night and his Republican administration ended with Rosen at the top of the Justice Ministry.


Associated Press writers Michael Balsamo, Lisa Mascaro, and Mary Claire Jaronic of Washington contributed to this report.

For full coverage of the January 6 hearing, please visit https://www.apnews.com/capitol-siege.

Trump told the Justice Department to call the election “corrupted” – thereporteronline

Source link Trump told the Justice Department to call the election “corrupted” – thereporteronline

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