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Washington (AP) —Donald Trump’s closest campaign adviser, senior government official, and even his family dismantled his false allegations about 2020 election fraud before January 6. The defeated president appeared to be “separated from reality,” a committee to maintain power and investigate the parliamentary attack was said on Monday.

While holding testimony, the panel ignored Trump’s data from his campaign team one after another as flipping over to Joe Biden, and instead stepped through conspiracy theories, proceedings, and his own declaration of victory. It is shown in. Rather than admitting defeat.

The “big lie” of Trump’s fraudulent elections escalated and turned into a march order, summoning supporters to Washington and sending them to the Capitol on January 6 to prevent Biden from winning.

“If he really believes in this, he’s separated from reality,” former Attorney General William Barr testified in an interview with the Commission.

Barr called the allegations of fraudulent voting “bullish,” “fake,” and “ridiculous,” and then resigned. “I didn’t want to be part of that.”

The House 1/6 Commission heard in the morning digging into Trump’s allegations of fraud and countless ways people around him tried to convince the defeated Republican president that they weren’t true.

Learn more about Monday’s witnesses, mostly Republicans and many, witnessing in pre-recorded videos, explaining in candid terms, and sometimes Trump’s refusal to advise those closest to him, including his family. explained. The president chose his side when the people around him split into a “team normal” led by former campaign manager Bill Stepien and others led by Trump’s best friend Rudy Giuliani.

On election night, Stephen said Trump was “more and more unhappy” and refused to accept the harsh outlook for the presidency.

Son-in-law Jared Kushner sought to keep Trump away from Giuliani and his theory of fraudulent voting. The president will not have it.

During the preparation period until January 6, the front and back intensified. Former Justice Department official Richard Donohue recalled breaking his claims one after another, from a truck-filled ballot in Pennsylvania to a suitcase for a missing ballot in Georgia. Trump “Much of the information you have is incorrect.”

Still, he continued to make false allegations after the collapse of dozens of proceedings.

On Monday, unrepentant Trump reiterated his claim, blasting the hearing in his familiar language as “ridiculous and rebellious.”

The former president defended the Capitol attack as a mere American seeking to “accountability elected civilians” by considering another White House election.

Nine people were killed in the riots and their aftermath, including Trump supporters being shot dead by police in the Capitol. More than 800 people were arrested and members of two radical groups were charged with rare sedition over their role indicted by the Capitol.

At the hearing, the panel also raised about $ 250 million in the aftermath of the November elections in campaigns such as “stop stealing” Trump’s funding machines, primarily from small donations from Americans. Provided new information on the methods collected. Thirty minutes before the January 6, 2021 riot, one plea was filed against cash.

“Not only was there a big lie, but there was also a big rift,” said D-Calif Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

Democratic Chairman Bennie Thompson said in a hearing on Monday that Mr. Trump “betrayed the trust of the American people” and “tried to take office when the people voted for him.”

As the hearing becomes publicly available, we are also monitoring one of the most important viewers, Attorney General Merrick Garland. He needs to decide if his department can and should prosecute Trump. The incumbent or former president has never faced such charges.

“I’m watching,” Garland said at a press conference at the Justice Department on Monday, even if he didn’t watch all the hearings live. “And we can assure you that the January 6th prosecutor is also monitoring all hearings.”

Biden was up to date, but didn’t see “one blow, one blow,” said White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre.

Stephen was supposed to be an important direct witness on Monday, but suddenly stopped performing live because his wife gave birth. Stephen, still close to Trump, was summoned and appeared. He is currently a top campaign adviser to Trump-supported House candidate Harriet Hagueman, who is challenging Commission Vice-Chair Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Republican primary.

The panel moved forward after morning scrambling and delays, witnesses said Trump accepted and repeated his claims about the election, but the closest people were the theory of ballots and fraudulent voting machines stolen by him. Just said it wasn’t true.

Stephen and senior adviser Jason Miller explain how the election night celebration at the White House got worse when Fox News announced that Trump had lost Arizona to Joe Biden. , The aide worked to advise Trump on what to do next.

However, he ignored their advice and instead chose to listen to Giuliani, who was described by several witnesses as being intoxicated. Giuliani announced a general denial on Monday, rejecting “all falsehoods” he said about him.

Stephen said, “My belief, my recommendation was that the votes were still counted. It’s too early to tell that and it’s too early to call the race.”

But Trump said, “I thought I was wrong. He told me so.”

Mr. Barr, who testified in last week’s blockbuster opening hearing, said Trump was “more angry than I’ve ever seen” when the Attorney General later explained that the Justice Department wouldn’t participate in the elections. rice field.

“There was never a sign of interest in how crazy some of these claims were or what the real facts were,” Barr told Trump.

Over the past year, the Commission has investigated the most violent attacks on the Capitol since the War of 1812. Some believe this poses a serious threat to democracy.

The hearing on Monday also featured live witnesses, including former Fox News channel political editor Chris Stillwald, who was part of a team that Arizona declared to have defeated Biden on election night. .. Also, B Jay Pak, a former US lawyer in Atlanta, has arrived. He suddenly resigned after Trump pressured Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find enough votes to overturn the defeat.

The panel also includes Trump and his team from election lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg, who discussed the norms of the campaign’s agenda, and Al Schmidt, the only Republican member of the city’s election commission, former Philadelphia mayor. City officials investigated, claiming they were making it. After Trump criticized him in a tweet, he talked about facing a threat.


Associated Press writers Kevin Freking and Michael Balsamo of Washington, Farnoush Amiri and Jill Colvin of New York contributed to this report.


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Trump is “separated from reality” with defeat – the reporter online

Source link Trump is “separated from reality” with defeat – the reporter online

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