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Trump era officials see criminal referrals on suspicion of Quid Proquare in Arizona | National News

(Center Square) – The House of Representatives Natural Resources Commission First ever criminal introduction To the Justice Ministry this Wednesday.

Raul M. Griharva (Arizona), chair of the Natural Resources Commission, and Katie Porter (D-California), chair of the Surveillance and Investigation Subcommittee, are among Trump administration officials, including the former U.S. Department of Interior. In, he made a criminal introduction to show that they believe they are likely to be a crime, by Secretary of the Interior (DOI) David Burnhart and real estate developer Mike Ingram.

A Commission investigation found that Ingram made a series of donations totaling $ 241,600 to the Trump Victory Fund and the Republican National Committee.

The donation was made at the same time as the announcement from the Trump administration. Reassess the approval of the Clean Water Act The official had previously denied Ingram. It was denied because of the village he proposed in the Vignette Mega development along the San Pedro River in Arizona.

Steve Spangle, a whistleblower at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said in 2019 that he was “engaged” in the Trump administration to overturn the decision to move Ingram’s development forward.

Bernhardt did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the accusation.Ingram lawyer Sent A long reply to Yahoo News.

“The referrals sent by President Grigalva and Chairman of the Porter Subcommittee are false, misleading and unfair, reminiscent of McCarthyism’s use of McCarthyism on behalf of the facts,” said lawyer Ranny Davis. rice field. “El Dorado participated in multiple meetings with this Commission, acted with full transparency and fully cooperated without a subpoena. Nevertheless, we refute the allegations in this introduction. I was denied the basic and basic opportunity to do, and even the opportunity to talk to the chair. “

Jennifer Locala, Secretary-General of the Western Priority Center, issued a statement on Wednesday on this issue.

“These are very serious claims to one of the top executives of the Trump administration,” she said. “The Department of Justice needs to quickly follow up on this evidence and conduct a full investigation, including interviews with politically appointed and career lawyers who carried out Bernhard’s orders.

“We’ve always said that David Byrne is too compromised and too corrupt to be Chief Cabinet Secretary. This is evidence of Pay for Play’s straightforward favor, Mike Ingram. , Had a secret meeting with David Byrne in the early days of the Trump administration, and then cash flowed into the Trump campaign the same day Bernhard turned over his career officials under him. “

Last year, the Army Corps of Engineers suspended the approval of the Clean Water Act at the forefront of this investigation.

Trump era officials see criminal referrals on suspicion of Quid Proquare in Arizona | National News

Source link Trump era officials see criminal referrals on suspicion of Quid Proquare in Arizona | National News

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