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Trump cowboys want a second political action after a parliamentary breach –

Tularosa, New Mexico (AP) — Participated in a Buffalo Bill-style Wild West Show, riding a horse from the Sanctuary to Times Square, sending a message, and being invited to the White House to meet the President.

However, Rev. Cowboy, who hugged President Donald Trump in a series of horse-riding caravans and crashed on January 6 in opposition to President Joe Biden’s election, may have run out of luck.

Today, Couy Griffin is divorced, despised by his family, facing political recalls, state corruption investigations, and federal crime.

Still he remains determined. One day he thinks he is the governor.

The first term of the County Commissioner will turn a group of rodeo acquaintances into a promotional cowboy for Trump owners in 2019 to spread a conservative message on gun rights, immigration, and abortion restrictions. I made it.

After being defeated in Trump’s election, his 47-year-old father preached to the crowd in a siege of the US Capitol, promised to be imprisoned for more than a week with a gun at Biden’s inauguration, and then politics. I fought a lonely battle for my life.

In Washington, prosecutors have released a photo of Griffin climbing a fallen fence and another barrier to access the Capital Steps.

A public defender said that reading the law carefully, the area was not off limits. They say that when Griffin expressed dissatisfaction with the election and tried to guide prayer with a loudspeaker, he did not participate in the violence and was within the right to freedom of speech.

Griffin is one of the thousands of Trump supporters in public office who are envisioning an uncertain future ahead of the 2022 election cycle. He is part of a small executive involved in a riot on behalf of Trump and can still pay a fortune. A total of more than 400 people were charged with riots, five were killed and dozens of police officers were injured.

Griffin has been accused by some Republicans of his racial invaders. He was also suspended from Facebook and banished from Native American lands in his district for breaking into the grounds of the Capitol, which could be sentenced to a year’s sentence, and fighting for confusing Congress. I did. Recall efforts are underway in a series of proceedings.

Still, loyal members are easily available in rural counties infused with the dissident and gun-supporting culture that dominates southern New Mexico.

“He means no one is malicious,” said Georgeseed, outside the New Heart Cowboy Church in Alamogordo, where Griffin was once a minister. “His concern is the direction of this country where it goes.”

Rebellion against the federal government and surveillance of public land are the political cornerstones of Otero County, which covers three times the area of ​​Delaware, from the dunes of White Sands National Park to the top of Lincoln National Forest.

Banned from Washington until testimony or trial, Griffin returns to his home routine with Tula Rosa’s tidy double-width trailer and works as a mason most of the day. A donkey named Henry blaze from the side yard.

In a conversation with The Associated Press, Griffin says he learned to love the spotlight for five years as a rodeo expert at the Wild West Shows at Disneyland Park in Paris.

His ride with the Cowboys for Trump was a replenishment of a conversion trip from Ireland to Jerusalem to distribute the Gospel of John before social media.

The group captivated people’s imagination with their first flag-waving 2019 outing down the banks of the Potomac River to Arlington National Cemetery.

Rummy Harper, a 67-year-old former bull rider from Fruitland, has stopped making custom hats to join the caravan.

“They loved it,” Harper said. “The next day, I participated in’Fox and Friends’.”

Griffin is released on bail and speaks his heart at the request of an independent investigation into the siege of the Houses of Parliament, blocked by Senate Republicans.

He is an advocate of stricter state voting legislation and an avid opponent of the COVID-19 restriction, which he calls “hell” for taking vaccines.

Griffin is still wearing a monogram cowboy for a Trump shirt to outsource the meeting. But his loyalty to Trump has been shaken.

“I don’t have the same confidence in him,” Griffin said. “Whenever you say,’China stole the election …. the election was stolen from me.’ And do you just leave? It’s hard to accept. “

He states that his obsession with politics was sacrificed and contributed to the 2019 divorce and tensions with relatives.

“I made my family say something quite annoying,” Griffin said. “It was really hard.”

With or without Trump, Griffin still attributed the groundless allegations of the 2020 large-scale electoral fraud.

State Republican leaders openly despise, and despite the Democratic Party holding all elected positions throughout the state, he is anxious to run for governor someday.

Soon, Griffin is looking to the 2022 sheriff race in another New Mexico county where he grew up. His grandfather Weegrichin held a post in Catron County from 1963 to 1966. Trump won there in 2020 with 73% of the votes.

Griffin cast Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham as his political enemy on the issues of gun control, abortion and pandemic restrictions. He wants to reinvent the role of the sheriff as a brake on the governor’s power.

“The only duty and responsibility of the county sheriff is to protect our personal rights,” he said. “I think the Governor hates me as a county commissioner. Give me a gun and a badge, and you’ll know.”

Jeff Swanson, chairman of the Otero County Democratic Party, said Griffin’s splitting remarks hampered the county’s efforts to secure state infrastructure spending, and he said Trump from his office with a shotgun in mind. Engaged in threats by recording a video of his cowboy.

In Alamogordo, Griffin’s rhetoric in the race strengthened the enemy’s determination to want him absent.

Griffin made a bitter rebuke last year when the NFL announced the production of the game opening for “All Voices” (also known as the Black National Anthem).

“They want to destroy our country,” Griffin said in a video monologue. “I got a better idea. Would you like to go back to Africa and form a small soccer team …. You can play with the old Beat Out dirt lots.”

Everett Brown, a veteran and information technology expert in the Marines at Holloman Air Force Base, a black man, said the comments show that politics has changed the Griffin he once respected.

“I’m a big boy. I can handle a lot, and that’s what attracted me,” said Brown, who is part of a committee seeking to bring Griffin back.

So far, Griffin has appealed to the State Supreme Court, which has not decided whether to intervene, and has suspended the petition. Meanwhile, a state prosecutor said Griffin used his office in collaboration with Cowboys for Trump for personal financial gain and his ex-wife from his Cowboys account for Trump. We are investigating allegations of signing a child support check.

Griffin admitted to using the county building for promotional videos, but said he never claimed to be affiliated with Otero County. He also says that cowboys for Trump are for-profit companies, not political parties.

Donnie Reynolds, a 51-year-old sales associate at an Alamogordo hardware store, says Griffin has been targeted for a relationship with Trump.

He says Griffin is right about many things like the need for border walls.

“They will find that he has nothing to do with these types of things,” he said. “They are going to eat crows.”

Trump cowboys want a second political action after a parliamentary breach –

Source link Trump cowboys want a second political action after a parliamentary breach –

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