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Trump Campaign, Other: Dominion Workers’ Suits Are Unfounded | Nationwide

Denver (AP) — Attorney for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, former lawyer Rudy Giuliani and conservative media figures filed a defamation proceeding against a judge on Wednesday by a former employee of Dominion Voting Systems. I asked you to dismiss. With false accusations for trying to cheat the 2020 elections.

Eric Coomer, a former security director of Dominion based in Colorado, said in a proceeding. He was urged to hide by the threat of murder After the Trump campaign and others released unconfirmed reports, Coomer told antifa activists on a pre-election phone call that Joe Biden’s vote could be amended.

Despite repeated claims and proceedings, there was no evidence of fraudulent or widespread fraud in the 2020 elections.

In Coomer’s Denver District Court case, Trump Campaign, Giuliani, former campaign lawyer Sidney Powell, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, website gateway Pundit, Colorado activist Joseph Altman, One America News Network Has been nominated.

The case revolves around Altman’s September 2020 telephone report.

His lawyer said Altman googled for his name and Dominion to identify a person called “Eric” on a phone called Coomer. Ortman also found a private anti-Trump social media post by Coomer, said lawyer Andrew Defranco.

Ortman published his findings in a podcast, and he was both interviewed about it, and it was taken up by another defendant, the proceedings claim. President Trump and his son Eric Trump tweeted a reference to the report as they launched a proceeding in which the campaign eventually ended in failure, claiming that fraudulent elections were widespread after the election.

Giuliani and Powell both mentioned Coomer at a post-election press conference alleging fraud.

“This case is not about whether Coomer answered the phone in September 2020, but whether Altman reasonably believes Coomer was answering the phone,” Defranco said. “He believes it to this day.”

Defranco, Giuliani’s lawyer Joe Sibley, and Trump’s campaign lawyer Eric Holway claimed that the client did not act maliciously, the report was a public figure, and Coomer was a public figure.

Judge Marie Avery Moses repeatedly asked her lawyer if the client had investigated Altman’s allegations or attempted to confirm the facts. Lawyers replied that their clients have the right to the First Amendment to deal with reports already in public territory. Some argued that there were no adjustments or plots against Coomer or Dominion, as Coomer’s proceedings alleged.

“At that time, there was serious suspicion about fraudulent elections. The context is important,” Holway said.

Dominion, who provided ballot-counting equipment to several states, denied accusations of switching Trump’s votes in favor of Biden.

Coomer claimed that he had nothing to do with Antifa, never called, and his recording was “fully manufactured.”

He also said that the right-wing website has photos of him, his home address, and more about his family. The threat of murder began almost immediately.

Coomer’s lawyer provided evidence of a preconceived story of fraudulent elections looking for a target and said the defendant found it in Coomer. The hearing to dismiss his proceedings will continue on Thursday.

This story has been modified to state that Altman published his findings on a podcast instead of Coomer.

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Trump Campaign, Other: Dominion Workers’ Suits Are Unfounded | Nationwide

Source link Trump Campaign, Other: Dominion Workers’ Suits Are Unfounded | Nationwide

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