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Tropical Cyclone Henri Lands on Rhode Island | Domestic and Global

Westerly, Rhode Island (AP) — Tropical Cyclone Henri A strong wind struck the coast of Rhode Island on Sunday afternoon, powering tens of thousands of homes and rain zones, and flash floods from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

Storm Downgraded from hurricane to tropical cycloneHowever, it is still clogged with gusts of up to 70 mph. Although there were few early reports of major wind and wave damage, authorities warned of the danger of spot floods inland in the coming days.

Millions of people in New York’s Long Island and southern New England have prepared for the potential for floods, windthrows, and long-term power outages. Residents above and below the coast wanted to escape the wrath of the storm, but prepared for the worst.

As the storm approached, drive surf and rain seats struck beach towns south of Rhode Island, leaving some coastal roads almost impassable. Some small trees had already fallen into the wind and rain, and local coves and streams were swelling.

Western resident Colette Chisholm, a 20-year resident, said the waves were much higher than usual, but she said she wasn’t worried that her home was severely damaged. I did.

“I love Arashi,” she said. “I think they’re exciting unless no one gets hurt.”

In Newport, Paul and Sherry Sanders survived the storm in a family-owned home since the late 1950s. Their basement was flooded with five feet of water during the Superstorm Sundi nine years ago.

“This house has experienced so many hurricanes and so many things have happened. We’ll just wait and see what happens,” said Sherry Sanders.

61-year-old geologist Paul Munis, further south of Branford, Connecticut, was busy securing a boat in anticipation of a storm. Muniz lived near the marina, overcame a previous storm and spent $ 50,000 lifting his home nine feet above the ground.

“I’ve lived here for 32 years and have had the opportunity to move many times, but as you know, this is a very special place,” says Muniz.

Although windy in certain areas, experts warned that the greatest threat to storms is likely to come from storm surges and inland floods caused by expected heavy and sustained rainfall. Some of the highest rainfall was expected inland.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was one of his last appearances as governor before resigning in the sexual harassment scandal at the end of Monday, and is a major concern of the state as the threat to Long Island is diminishing. Said that it was the following inland area. The Hudson River Valley, north of New York City, was expected to rain a few inches in the coming days.

Catskill rainfall is “a serious problem,” Cuomo said. “The Hudson Valley has hills and streams. Water runs down those hills and turns streams into devastated rivers. I’ve seen these small towns in these mountainous areas devastated by rain. It’s still It’s a very realistic possibility. “

Southampton’s Troy Buckner, in the Hamptons, east of Long Island, disrupts his almost daily routine of drinking coffee with his father at Golden Pair, one of the few spots to open on Main Street on Sunday morning. It was.

“Today we were still trying to stay a little normal, but the rest will go home,” Buckner said when it began to rain. “We are planning the worst. You never know. We always expect Southampton to be the center and Bullseye.”

Massive evacuation is not possible due to the lack of major roads at the eastern end of Long Island, said East Hampton Mayor Jerry Larsen.

“It’s a little difficult to order evacuation because there’s one lane leaving the Hamptons,” Larsen told The Associated Press. “So most people will evacuate there, and God will be happy and everyone will go through it.”

In preparation for the storm, officials in Providence, Rhode Island and New Bedford, Massachusetts closed a huge hurricane barrier built in the 1960s after the devastating storms of 1938 and 1954.

Massachusetts Steamship Authority cancels all Sunday ferry services between the mainland and Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island’s popular vacation islands after the U.S. Coast Guard closes the ports of Cape Cod and New Bedford. bottom. Tourists waiting by car in anticipation of a last-minute ferry from the island were stuck until the worst Henri passed.

The first thunderstorm, which brought up to 0.5 feet (15 centimeters) of rain, arrived at the end of Saturday, and flash floods began overnight in some areas. Heavy rain zones overwhelmed the storm drains, and drivers cultivated deep water in several places in Newark and Hoboken, New Jersey and New Jersey.

President Joe Biden has declared disasters in much of the region and has opened his purse to help the federal government recover. The White House said Biden had discussed preparations with the Northeastern Governor, and on Tuesday, New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hokul, who succeeded Cuomo, also attended.

Hundreds of flights were canceled on Sunday, although major airports in the area remained open as the storm approached. Some branches of the New York City commuter rail system were suspended until Sunday, similar to Amtrak’s service between New York and Boston.

New York hasn’t been hit by a powerful cyclone since Superstorm Sundi caused havoc in 2012. Some of the most important repairs from that storm have been completed, but many projects designed to protect against future storms remain unfinished.


Kunzelman reported from Newport, Rhode Island. Porter reported from New York. Associated Press writer William J. Cole of Warwick, Rhode Island, Michelle Smith of Providence, Rhode Island, Julie Walker of East Hampton, Ted Shafrey of Branford, Connecticut, and Mike Melia of Hartford, Connecticut in this report. Contributed.

Tropical Cyclone Henri Lands on Rhode Island | Domestic and Global

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