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Chicago White Sox in 10 innings before a noisy crowd on Monday, the night the Minnesota Twins stopped the first 8-5 triple kills in Major League Baseball history and manager Tony La Russa got the first exit of the season. Of 32,483 on the south side that fell to 6-3.

The Twins were 5½ games ahead of the socks in 3rd place in the first round. Seven important games before the All-Star Break Between rivals in the American League Central.

The Twins recorded four runs from Joe Kelly on the 10th, sending most of the spectators to the exit.

“Our goal is to win,” said Socks first baseman José Abreu. “If we win, we’ll be in a good place. That’s our goal. That’s what we’re trying to achieve every day. Doing it at the end of this stretch is a good position. If not, evaluate and confirm the subsequent situation. “

Socks took a quick lead when Abreu hit Dylan Bundy on his second home run. Johnny Cueto was in command until he abandoned Luis Arráez a double and Byron Buxton a two-run home run five times in a row.

After Abreu doubled with Griffin Jax and finished in 7th place, Yoan Moncada’s single drew the match 2-2, setting for one of the crazy triple kills ever.

AJ Pollock lined up the shots in the deep center that Baxton caught in a run near the wall. After holding for a few seconds, Pinch runner Adam Engel took off from 2nd place, followed by Monkada, who almost caught up with Engel in 3rd place. Neither had the opportunity to return to their base.

Baxton threw a wheel at third baseman Gio Urshela, tagged Monkada between the second and third, and touched the second to retire Engel in an 8-5 triple kill.

After seeing the play unfold, La Russa’s chin literally fell.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” he said. “The maker of the potential difference at the time. Joan was really aggressive. This isn’t the worst thing you can do when playing this game. The decision was wrong and it cost money.”

Engel said in the play, “Everyone except me did the right thing.”

“I just made a bad read about it,” he said. “Clearly I was looking at (Baxton). He took his head off the ball to find the wall, and when he turned to the wall I thought he was looking for the ball to get off. I did, and (I) played badly, I made a mistake, and unfortunately there was a good chance that some runs would occur on the spot and I would probably have gone on to win the game. It was hard. My mistake. “

Engel exempted Monkada and said he chased him, perhaps seeing Engel take off early.

“It was a big change in the momentum of the game,” Engel said.

This was the Twins’ first triple play in Kansas City since June 6, 2021, and the Socks’ first triple play against the New York Yankees since May 21, 2021.

La Russa adopted the closer Liam Hendriks, On his way home from Injured list, 8 times in Thai games. Hendricks hit the side before Kendall Graveman pitched to 9th with no score.

“He intended to pitch once every two days,” La Russa said he used Hendrix early. “And we were all excited to take him there in the 8th place. It gives you a great chance to win. Like the Hollywood ending, It looked for a minute. He was going to pitch, and it was time for me to use him. Put his innings while we had a chance to win. “

But there is no Hollywood ending for socks, as Kelly exploded on the 10th.

The Twins led Arráez’s hard single through Kelly and brought the Ghostrunner home. La Russa was sent off for claiming a cold ball. He wasn’t in the dugout, but the chant “Fire Tony” erupted after Kelly made two walks to load the bass.

Jorge Polanco’s sacrifice fly was 4-2, but Alex Kirilloff chased Kelly in a two-run single and interrupted the game.

“Ultimately, it’s just pitching (bleep),” Kelly said. “I could hardly find the pitch.”

The Twins are 4-0 against the socks and look like a team with no intention of returning to the race.

“At any time coins can turn into our favor and we can start winning the game against them,” Abreu said. “And that’s our goal (Tuesday). Do your best, do your best. Who knows? Maybe it will start a series of winning games against them.”


Triple play never seen, Tony La Russa sent off, 10th fate of 4 runs Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota Twins – Reading Eagle

Source link Triple play never seen, Tony La Russa sent off, 10th fate of 4 runs Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota Twins – Reading Eagle

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