Trey Mancini beats Rays 3-0 and hits a home run in the park at the final Camdenyard at bat with the Orioles – Reading Eagle

The ball flowed into the right fielder and carried it, but it was not deep enough. Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Josh Lowe camps underneath and prepares to catch what could be the last flyball in Trey Mancini’s Orioles-employed Camden Yard.

Then the sun peeped through the clouds in the afternoon sky in Baltimore, and Rowe lost sight of the ball. It carried his left cheek away towards first baseman and left Mancini.Austin Hays moved his left at the base in front of Baltimore’s longest-serving player Cross your arms and plead with Mancini to move on. He returned home in a park home run race at Oriole Park for the first time in almost 11 years.

Mancini’s hustle and bustle gave the Orioles a 3-0 lead to win three out of four games from Tampa Bay in the major series before Tuesday’s closing deadline. Mancini, in the last guaranteed year of his contract, Candidates to be distributedEven if the Orioles (50-49) continue to fight for the playoffs with a win.

Mancini then said at the Orioles clubhouse that sweat was still dripping on his forehead from the 360-foot sprint. “But I understand how the business works and I don’t really have a say about it. I go there every day and the name of this team and the other side of the chest I will continue to play for, because I love the city, the team, and all these guys here. It was a very fun year. “

An announced crowd of 16,784 people began chanting his name, recognizing the player who had been very patient during his time in Baltimore.Mancini, the only holdover from their latest playoff team, missed the 2020 season with 12 rounds of biweekly chemotherapy. Treatment of stage 3 colon cancer, then considered returned in 2021 Baseball Comeback Player of the Year By both the league and his companions.

“Patience, toughness, grind, and all sorts of adjectives have come to the fore, and he shows that,” said manager Brandon Hyde. “None of us knows exactly what he experienced. None of us feel what he did, receive chemotherapy, and play baseball in Major League Baseball a year later. Is unbelievable. “

During that absence, Mancini how Orioles teenage superfans Mogaba With such aggressiveness he handled his lifelong cancer fight. The pair was already close before Mancini joined him in the face of illness. On Thursday, the Orioles celebrated Moe for the second year in a row on the anniversary of Moe’s death.Mancini Home runs in both games After catching the opening ceremony from Mo’s mother, Sonshi, every time.

“Someone helped,” Mancini said, wearing a #MoStrong T-shirt with a Mo bobblehead doll in the locker. “It was absolutely insane. Thanks to Mo. He was reaching for it. It was crazy.”

Baltimore’s designated hitter, Mancini, was in a digging tunnel with his equipment tidy up when new infielder Tyler Nevin came to inform him of the chant. Mancini stepped into the field, put his hand on his heart, raised his arms to the crowd and gave a long applause.

Mancini remembered how welcoming fans were at Aberdeen, then Orioles’ short-term affiliate, when he first joined the organization as a pick for the eighth round from the 2013 draft. In his eyes, Thursday marked a continuation.

“I don’t know what will come in the next few days,” Mancini said. “But I wanted to immerse every moment today, just in case.”

Mancini’s timely flyball provided two important insurances on the day when the Orioles bullpen was thin. Hayes hit the pitch in the third inning and stole in the second, and when he returned home with Anthony Santander’s double, he won the first run of the game. Veteran starting pitcher Jordan Lyles himself, a trade candidate, was shy about what would have been the start of Baltimore’s first six innings in 11 games and worked to run his loneliness well. .. Since July 6th, the Orioles starters haven’t been so deeply involved in the game.

Cionel Perez worked cleanly in 7th place after retiring Randy Arosalena and stranded two Lyles runners. Brian Baker scored two outs in eight innings, and Hyde urged Felix Bautista to call after the last two days of pitching, with the typical closer Jorge Lopez unavailable. Bautista attacked Arosarena on three pitches, leading the Orioles 1-0 and sending him to the bottom of eight.

That was the setting for Mancini’s home run. Haze doubled with one out, and Mancini was 0-2 behind former Orioles relief Shawn Armstrong. The third pitch was lofted to the right, where he met Rowe’s face and rolled towards the right wing corner. Mancini moved as fast as possible when center-fielder Roman Quinn chased the ball instead of Rowe.

As he approached third base, two thoughts passed through his head: “I hope they decided it was a hit” and “You have to go home with this.” He went 2 to 2 and slipped into the house before Quinn’s throw. With Mancini’s pop-up slide, he stumbled backwards as he bumped into Rays catcher Rene Pinto and tried to signal awkward safety at the base. He didn’t count the childhood games where the ball was roughly thrown and said it was his first real park home run.

“I know he’s exhausted,” Hyde later joked.

Outfielder Ryan McKenna hung the Orioles home run chain around Mancini’s neck when the official scorer decided it not by Rowe’s mistake but by a home run in the park. You may find that it is the last time he wears it.

“But things get worse in the next few days. If this is the last time, no one deserves it better than him,” Lyles said. “A great person, a great teammate. Baltimore, if so, they were very lucky to have him.”

Bautista beat the two in a clean 9th place to push the Orioles back to over .500. They have four games left before the trading deadline at 6 pm on Tuesday. Their performance in those games (three in Cincinnati, one on the other side of the Texas Rangers) is the front to that decision period when Baltimore could move Lyles, Santander, Lopez, etc. with Mancini. It may change the approach of the office. Even if Thursday offers a glorious bow for his time at Camden Yard, there is no guarantee that the Orioles will trade Mancini.

“If he goes out, what’s the way to go out,” Hyde said. “I want to manage him for the next 10 years. He’s fun to manage. Who knows what will happen in this game no matter what team he belongs to? In the next 6 days Who knows what will happen? But yeah, any manager wants to manage Trey. “


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Trey Mancini beats Rays 3-0 and hits a home run in the park at the final Camdenyard at bat with the Orioles – Reading Eagle

Source link Trey Mancini beats Rays 3-0 and hits a home run in the park at the final Camdenyard at bat with the Orioles – Reading Eagle

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