Travis Scott pledges millions for a charity project | Celebrities

Travis Scott has promised $ 5 million for a series of charitable projects.

The 30-year-old Lapster has launched Project HEAL, a long-term series of philanthropic and investment activities, including a $ 1 million scholarship for students at the Historically Black College (HBCU).

Travis, who has Stormi (4 years old) and Wolf (4 weeks) with Kylie Jenner, said: The dreams he believed in, the hopes he invested in, and the future he made.

“It is his spirit that we look to the future of the community and create projects and programs that create hope and excellence in as many lives as possible.”

The Waymon Webster Scholarship Fund provides a $ 10,000 scholarship to seniors who have improved academic performance but are financially struggling in their second year of the second semester.

The comprehensive ambition behind the scholarship is to ensure that 100 students complete their research and succeed in achieving their potential.

Jordan Webster, Travis’ sister and Howard University student, is proud of her brother’s philanthropy.

She explained: “I personally know how important my grandfather’s academic heritage at HBCU is to Travis and my entire family. My twin brother Josh also attends HBCU at Prairie View AM University.

“Travis creates hope and makes a real difference to 100 HBCU peers who can graduate without debt. As a third generation student of HBCU, partnering with Travis in the second year of this extraordinary initiative. I’m not proud of it. “

Rapstar has launched his new philanthropic work through his Cactus Jack Foundation. It will provide a total of $ 5 million for community-based initiatives in Texas.

Travis is also trying to address the safety challenges of large live events. Experts in a variety of disciplines, such as event management, health, and public security, are all asked for feedback before compiling a comprehensive report of recommendations.

In November, 10 concert attendees were killed at the Astroworld Festival in Houston. Travis, who launched Astroworld at Live Nation in 2018, was on stage when a panic occurred and a fatal crowd collapse occurred.

Travis Scott pledges millions for a charity project | Celebrities

Source link Travis Scott pledges millions for a charity project | Celebrities

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