Travel experts and residents focus on soaring gasoline prices

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Soaring gasoline prices are affecting some families’ summer road trip plans. Last week, prices in our area rose by at least one gallon.

Travel experts predict that gas prices will continue to rise this summer. According to one survey, gas demand has not been so high for 20 years.

The average price of gasoline in the Erie region is 3.33 cents a gallon. Gasoline prices are 40% higher than in early 2021, according to data from the Energy Information Agency.

“Crude oil prices account for about 50% of the price of a gallon of gasoline as demand continues to grow,” said Lynda Lambert, media spokesperson for AAA East Central.

Lambert said higher oil prices mean higher gasoline prices, and that this trend could continue into the summer as gas companies aren’t increasing their supply.

“OPEC hasn’t reached negotiations to increase production, which will affect gasoline prices as supply and demand increase,” Lambert said.

Local drivers say they use mobile phone apps to find the cheapest petrol in the area. One driver says he often goes to neighboring states.

“I live in Girard, so I can go to Ohio. I can travel a few miles extra and save 20 cents on a dime,” said Hull Wartman.

Another driver says her best advice on dealing with these high gas prices is to plan ahead and save.

“We’ve saved and confirmed that gas alone can cost at least $ 100,” said Jessica McNear. “Now that gas prices are over $ 3, we don’t go that much. We’re more at home, but that’s not great.”

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Travel experts and residents focus on soaring gasoline prices

Source link Travel experts and residents focus on soaring gasoline prices

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