Trapped in the Word Groundhog Day without action to stop the shootings

America is again facing the moment when our only response to mass shootings is thinking and prayer. We’re somehow trapped in the tragic Groundhog Day, but the leaders on both sides haven’t done anything to stop the next shoot, but reiterate the old words in a debate that no one believes. I’m finding a new way to place it.

Still, Americans from the entire political spectrum want something overwhelmingly done.

Recalling Shakespeare’s Claudius, while one enthusiastically argues how to limit access to guns and the other argues that it is a mental health problem. “

Our political leaders fill the airwaves, print media, and online space with words directed at their bases, but the problem remains unresolved.

It is often said that “it is not time to politicize this.” However, in 2022, about 250 mass shootings have occurred so far. So, on average, the shooting intervals are about 15 hours and 33 minutes.

This means that in the United States, we are always right after the shootings. There is no time when we aren’t there, so we have to talk about it now.

I call on elected civil servants at all levels to seriously consider all options, regardless of who proposes or responds to them. I urge all voters to begin to agree with each other, make concessions and reach compromises with our leaders, rather than playing only with their most polarized members. .. About 40,000 Americans die from gunshot wounds each year. It’s time for leaders to work and voters to do our jobs.

For those who say this is a mental health problem, no one denies this is the case. However, addressing this mental health problem requires investment to significantly increase access to mental health care. This inevitably means finding ways to expand Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare and force insurers to increase the mental health benefits of those with private insurance.

Most of us respect privacy, but HIPAA may need to be modified in order for information to be shared and the Hazard Signals Act to work.

Also, since a significant number of shooters are young people, it is necessary to enhance social and emotional learning at school rather than attacking. Perhaps with more social and emotional tools at their disposal, this mental health problem could be identified early by educators.

This is a mental health problem and we need to provide solutions and fund them.

I respect the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. But arming is not absolute, and it’s time to look for ways to make gun ownership safer. If that means revisiting Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, if two-thirds of Americans agree, the founders have provided us with a mechanism to do so. Currently, more than two-thirds of American voters support the Danger Signals Act, universal background checks, and mental health restrictions on gun ownership.

No, this doesn’t stop all shootings, but if you want to stop some shootings without denying the law that protects the rights of citizens, you need to put it on the table.

Some suggest that schools, churches and other public spaces need to be strengthened. I have four children in school and I confess that this idea is terrible. I hate the idea that children have to go through security checkpoints to get into their school. The school is considered safe and no checkpoints are required. In addition, there are over 130,000 kindergarten to high school schools in the United States. To equip each with a TSA-like level of security, billions of dollars of equipment and millions of people need to operate it.

But doing nothing doesn’t work, so I’d love to see it at the table too.

All options for the table are required. Where I came from, if you can do something to save your life, you have a moral imperative to do it. And I was born in the United States.

It doesn’t take long for the clock to count 15 hours and 33 minutes, so it’s time to see all our words, thoughts, and actions fly away.

Wilwood is a small business owner, veteran, and decent runner. He lives, works, and writes in Westchester.

Trapped in the Word Groundhog Day without action to stop the shootings

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