Tower Health begins listing patient vaccination status

NS Tower Health COVID-19 Dashboard Updated to reflect the patient’s vaccination status.

Tower will participate Penn State Health Network By adding it to publicly available information.

On Wednesday, the Tower Dashboard showed 40 patients at Reading Hospital, 33 unvaccinated and 7 vaccinated. There were four people in the intensive care unit, all unvaccinated.

The dashboard also recorded 10 discharges and no deaths. It wasn’t updated on Tuesday, so it’s unclear if the total is one or two days.

Federal and state health officials believe that vaccination, whether it is a double-dose Pfizer or Modana product or a single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, means two weeks after the final vaccination.

According to the dashboard, Reading Hospital has 40 of 78 COVID patients in the tower system.

In Pennsylvania Health Department Dashboard Update On Wednesday, COVID hospitalizations in Berks County were the same at 67, with seven in the intensive care unit.

In the state as a whole, after a few days of decline, it was the second day of the increase, with 40 patients increasing by a total of 2,838. The number of ICUs has been reduced from 18 to 663.


Berks added 128 COVID cases in the dashboard update Wednesday. This looks a bit better than a week ago when the series of lowercase days suddenly ended at 151.

The total number of pandemic cases reached 58,309.

Each case is a new person who tested positive. The dashboard update is the previous day’s COVID statistics (Tuesday in this case).

Berks County COVID Dashboard

The average number of cases in Burkes for 7 days was 131, and for 14 days it was 130.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania added a total of 4,178 cases, maintaining less than 5,000 cases for two weeks, bringing the total pandemic to about 1.55 million.

About 15 days, the worst day of Delta Serge, was over 5,000. Almost two weeks have passed since we reached the total daily threshold of 5,000.

Burkes had 3.1% of the state cases reported Wednesday. Burkes make up 3.3% of the state’s population.

Since the peak of delta test processing on October 2, 67,000, the number of tests performed daily ranges from 40,000 to 60,000, with several outages in between.


On Wednesday’s dashboard, there was another update of the total vaccinations by the State Health Department.

Health Department Comments: “The Pennsylvania Vaccine Dashboard was updated today to more accurately reflect the number of partially and fully vaccinated people, with additional doses given to residents of counties other than Philadelphia. Dose explained. Vaccination-related demographic data has also been updated. Updates improve the quality of data and statistical reports to ensure that the general public has the most accurate and up-to-date information. Is part of the department’s ongoing work to make it. “

In fact, it means that duplication has been eliminated and misclassification has been eliminated. This number wasn’t as important as the adjustments made on July 9.

In Burkes, the number of vaccinations completed decreased from 332 to 212,056. This is a feat that would not have been possible without records management issues.

The partial column was a big hit, down from 1,727 to 20,795.

The third shot / booster category increased by 1,498 to 12,744.

Throughout the state, the number of completed columns increased by about 3,000 to over 6.43 million.

The partial column was the biggest hit since July 9th, dropping nearly 39,000 to 743,096.

Third shot / booster surged to 560,907 over 56,000.

The partial column lost nearly 600,000 in the July 9 statistical cleanup.

NS CDC photo on vaccination Shows a fully vaccinated Burkes with a total of 233,561 inhabitants. The CDC will run one day late in the state and quality control should appear in the Thursday update.

The CDC states at Burkes about complete vaccination:

• 64.7% over 12 years old

• 67.0% over 18 years old

• 87.8% over 65 years old.

NS National average of those age groups They are 67.2%, 69% and 84.7%, respectively.

National photo

The weekend slowdown in data processing is more pronounced at the national level in CDC statistics.

By Wednesday, the catch-up is almost complete.

NS 7-day average of cases It continued its downward trend from the delta peak 161,749 on September 1, falling to 65,953.

NS 7-day average of death It continued its downward trend from the delta peak of 1,844 on September 15 and fell to 1,159.

The surge increases with the case, followed by hospitalization and death, and so relaxes as well.

Burkes COVID

128: New case

58,309: Pandemic total

130: 14-day average

1,147: Death, condition

1,086: Death, coroner

233,561: Residents are completely vaccinated

Tower Health begins listing patient vaccination status

Source link Tower Health begins listing patient vaccination status

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