Towamenshin Summary: Supermarkets go ahead

Towamenshin — Plans for a new supermarket at the shops in Towamenshin’s Town Square Shopping Center are on track.

Township supervisors unanimously resolved to approve these plans in late June, but their names have not yet been revealed.

“Applicants are proposing to refurbish the existing supermarket retail space, remove the vestibule and loading dock, and build a new loading dock and trash area,” said Board Chairman Chuck Wilson. I am.

Early June I saw the board Long presentation About the proposal to convert the space previously occupied by Genuardi supermarkets Closed in 2010.. In a hearing on June 8, developer PSDC lawyers and engineers said they were bound by a nondisclosure agreement that prevented tenants from being named, but supermarket development has a new sign on the outside of the building. A driveway to the new entrance to Forty Foot Road, opposite the new Newbury Way. Electronic message sign At the entrance to Forty Foot and Allentown Road to the shopping center.

At that time, the applicant requested approval of the preliminary and final land development and conditional use of the proposed signature package.Between them June 22 meetingWilson read a resolution granting preliminary land development approval based on a presentation two weeks ago.

“Have you changed anything from what you talked about at the last meeting?” Wilson asked township engineer Mary Stober, who replied that it wasn’t. The Board then unanimously gave preliminary land development approval, and subsequent votes also gave final approval, but neither was further discussed.

Hearing of golf course code was requested

The Board also submitted and voted to consider changing parts of the Township Codebook at future meetings.

“Township has received a draft text amendment to the Zoning Ordinance submitted by Mainland Golf Course Holding Co., Ltd. requesting a change in the rules for” 19-C, Golf Course Use “,” Wilson said. I am.

The Mainland golf course Located on 2200 blocks of Rittenhaus Road, it features a golf course, practice greens and a restaurant. According to the county’s real estate records, the property is 23 acres of shyness and is currently classified as a “C-Preferential Assessment” with a valuation of just over $ 530,000 and the latest sale in March 2007 at Twin Lakes Country Club Inc. From .to $ 1. Mainland holding company. The Township Codebook contains a reference to Section 502 of Chapter 153 under Heading C for Commercial Use. “Use the C-19 golf course” That is, the course contains 9 or 18 holes and “may include the use of a clubhouse, one dining area, another banquet facility, and other accessories.” This includes pro shops under 2,000 square feet. “Driving range, except for miniature golf courses, batting cages, or similar uses.” Details on setbacks, buffers, and parking requirements are provided.

“As part of the process, the Board of Directors must schedule a hearing on the proposed text amendment. Therefore, tonight’s action is to approve the hearing and to approve the hearing on July 13. Will be, “said Wilson. The Board then unanimously resolved to do so.

Renewal of public works

Supervisor Rich Marina has provided up-to-date information on several public works projects around the township, including projects that require a special board vote. Supervisors unanimously voted to use the state’s liquid fuel subsidy to partially reimburse contractors for higher-than-expected prices for asphalt used in the town’s 2022 road paving program. .. The labor shortage last fall has finally been resolved, awaiting final approval from some homeowners who have damaged the curb and subsequently repaired it.

“We are processing their invoices, but we will hold 5 percent until we can contact those residents to make sure they are happy,” said township manager Don Delamatter. Told.

According to Marino, residents are addressing two sets of detours at the same time, as proposals for culvert repairs on Allentown Road, which could cause conflicts with closures related to the work of the Route 309 Connector project, are currently postponed. You may not need to.

“They don’t have a new bid date at this point, so I’ll leave it on the agenda, but nothing is happening,” he said.

Staff are still waiting for information about installation suggestions Light along the driveway He added that he headed to Township’s Town Hall away from Troxel Road and continued to repair several drainage channels throughout the township. Township engineers evaluated the rust observed on the pedestrian bridge over Forty Foot Road in response to residents’ concerns at previous meetings. The evaluation is “working” and a full report will be submitted at a future meeting. ..

Special meeting to fill vacancies of Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Township announced on Friday that a special meeting will be held on July 6th to fill the currently vacant positions of the elected auditors of Township.

Early June The board announced the resignation of former auditor Don Rep and sought applications from residents interested in filling the site until the 2023 election cycle. In a Friday e-mail newsletter, Township announced details. The special meeting will be held on July 6th at 4:30 pm in the Township Administration Building. Available online display options..

Towamenshin’s supervisors will then meet at 7 pm on July 13th at the Township Management Building on 1090 Troxel Road. For more information, please visit:

Towamenshin Summary: Supermarkets go ahead

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