Touchscreen malfunction causes Tesla to recall 130,000 vehicles

Detroit (AP)-Tesla is recalling approximately 130,000 vehicles across its US model lineup as the touchscreen can overheat and become blank.

The recall covers specific model S sedans and model X SUVs in 2021 and 2022, as well as three model cars and model Y SUVs in 2022.

According to a document posted on Tuesday by the Department of Road Safety, the central processing computer may not cool sufficiently during the fast charging process. This can slow down or restart your computer, causing the center screen to slow down or appear blank.

Without the center screen, the car could lose the back camera display, the settings that control the windshield defroster, and the indicator whether the car is driving, neutral, or reverse. This can increase the risk of crashes.

Tesla has fixed an issue with online software updates that improve computer temperature control. The update started on May 3rd.

Tesla states that it found problems in regular durability tests. The company has not reported any accidents or injuries, but received 59 relevant warranty claims between January and early May.

Tesla has a number of safety issues this year, including multiple investigations conducted by the national highway traffic safety administration, NHTSA. This is the 11th recall for an electric vehicle company since January 27th. Most have been fixed with software updates.

In early 2021, a company in Austin, Texas recalled about 135,000 vehicles due to the potential darkening of the touch screen. Initially, the company refused to recall. According to the agency, the computer processor on the screen had a limited number of programming and erasing cycles and was not long enough. The company has agreed to replace the computer processor.

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Touchscreen malfunction causes Tesla to recall 130,000 vehicles

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