Top 5 difficulties in penetration testing

Penetration testing is a key tool for detection vulnerabilities and fixing them. Taking into account high competition in the IT sphere such preventive measures are essential. What do security penetration testing services mean? It is when you hire a professional hacker to crack your website in order to see its weak points. Why do people do this? Simply to outstrip competitors and rivals.

Moreover, if your app or a website allows money transactions or contains customers’ private information, you may become a target for cybercriminals. Consequently, it can cost you not only money, but also a reputation.

Well, our security experts have decided to make an inventory of top 5 challenges in terms of the products’ security. If you are an IT business owner or a company’s employer, you should read this article till the end and make some conclusions. So, here we go!

Top 5 difficulties in penetration testing

  1. Code injections

Code injection techniques presuppose inserting malicious code into your web product. The most widely spread examples of them are OS command attacks,SQL injection, and shell injection. Unfortunately, by doing this attackers exploit the product’s vulnerabilities to their benefit.

To avert facing such a challenge it will be a great idea to implement a web app firewall and do not use vulnerable codes at all.

  1. Leak of data

 Let’s face the truth, data breach can cost companies a fortune. Unfortunately, such occasions are not rare and need to be highlighted. The causes of data leaking can be various. The most common ones include lost hardware, compromised credentials, malware infections, misconfigurations, etc.

Luckily, nowadays there are many ways to avoid facing such a problem. In order to protect a website from possible attacks aimed at stealing information, regular scannings, SSL encryptions, and access-level privileges can be used.

Moreover, if you are the head or the owner of the company, you should provide your team with the ability to attend training sessions devoted to the security enforcement techniques on a regular basis. Thanks to such practises, employers will be able to detect possible phishing attacks, identity fraud, and other cybercrimes.

  1. Malware infections

Well, such ransomwares become more and more popular among cybercriminals. Just think about the Petya virus, WannaCry, etc and the damage they have caused. Such hackers’ attacks become possible via making use of worms, viruses, trojan horses, and spywares. In this case even a simple email can turn out to be a strong cyber weapon.

Just keep in mind that traps may be waiting for you everywhere. Visiting phishing or fake websites and even free downloads can result in a malware injection. Here again, your stuff should be familiar with all possible threats and ways of preventing them. Just keep them informed!

Top 5 difficulties in penetration testing

  1. Distributed denial of service attacks

DDoS attack – an attack on a computer system with the intent to make computer resources inaccessible for targeted audiences.

One of the most common methods of attacking is to saturate the attacked computer or network equipment with a large number of external requests (often meaningless or incorrectly worded) so that the attacked equipment cannot respond to users, or responds so slowly that it becomes virtually unavailable.

To deal with such a problem nowadays DDoS protection services are used. These tools analyse and sort out all incoming requests.

  1. Malicious insiders

Such hidden threats may occur in any industry and cyberspace isn’t an exception.

The best way to minimize the risks of facing malicious insiders’ activity is to limit the employees’ access to information. By saying this we mean that everyone must deal only with information needed for covering their area of responsibilities. Moreover, if someone in the office behaves suspiciously, it is a good idea to monitor the person’s transactions and activity logs.


All in all, the cyberworld evolves extremely fast, due to this new threats arise all the time. We should keep abreast of the times and be ready to face all possible challenges. Now you know about 5 most widely spread problems in penetration testing, but be ready for unexpected and sophisticated hardships.

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